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Take Another Little Piece Of Our Champs, Now, Babay




Farewell, Rob Scuderi, and we thank you.

After the jump, a look back at Scuderi's years in Pittsburgh.

Oh, and remember last off-season when everyone said the Pens lost too many key players.
for example, Ryan Malone, Marian Hossa, and Jarkko Ruutu?

The Pens had no chance to win the Cup, said everyone near and far.
We saw how that turned out.

The Penguins have so far lost Hal Gill and Rob Scuderi.
They were both beasts.
But we're not talking about a couple of Bobby Orr's here.

Some people are complaining about Ray Shero.

Remember, when Shero walks to work every morning, he'll look up and see an Atlantic Division banner, two Eastern Conference Champion Banners, and a Stanley Cup banner.

Most people go to work, look up, and see asbestos.

Suck it.



Scuderi's first-ever NHL game:

Feburary 12, 2004, a 5-1 loss against the Florida Panthers. [ESPN]

The roster that night:




The next year [05-06], after the lockout, Scuderi played in 57 games, and sported a staggering -18.

Going into 2006-2007 he was bashed by everyone.

Here is what we said in our first ever [season preview]


And that is why we are tools. Man.

He scored one goal in 2007. It was against the Devils:


Scuds finished a plus 3 for the year, appearing in 78 games.


Going into 2007-2008, our respect started to grow for scuds. [08 Season preview]


Scuds played 71 games in 07-08, and was solid as usual. Another plus-3 on the season, he helped flank the USS Hal Gill in a Pens run to the Stanley Cup.

He was high stick-ed in Game 5 against the Wings in the third OT, giving the Pens a four minute powerplay.


This past season, Scuds was an unreal plus 23. He also blocked everything, had 15 assists somehow, and scored a goal.
He was a shutdown defenseman, and he rarely made a mistake.
He basically did everything you need to do in your contract year.





One moment can change everything.
Did you see the player chasing in that video?

If MAF doesn't make the save, and the Pens go on to lose, Scuds is making 1 million a year.

But so it is.

We can't wait till Scuds comes back. We will be there, and we will give him a standing O.
Then we'll watch Geno and Bing turn him into a tree.



The Pens top four is still amongst the best in the game.


Go-Go will need a partner, and the Pens will need a penalty killer.

Two names still out there.


Jay Mckee


Mckee is a serviceable NHL defense-man who was waived by the Blues.
He was a plus 11 last year.

He is a year older than Scuds, and could command a somewhere around 1-million, which would be a Shero like bargain.



Another name out there is:


Francois Beauchemin



Beauchemin might be a little to expensive for the Pens at this point. Someone is going to overpay for him.
If the Pens were to land him, it would be pretty sick.




If you're not on twitter, you probably should be at this point.

Every major hockey writer is on there.

Rob Rossi has been unreal. The days of refreshing TSN for deals is a thing of the past.

Everyone kind of expects things to wrap up tomorrow for the Pens. But Shero isn't going to do anything dumb.

Although if he were to make a mistake and sign Kovy to a big time deal, we would be okay with it.

Go Pens.