Sykora’s Agent: Interview Never Happened


According to Petr Sykora's agent, Allan Walsh, this interview never happened.

"Everybody regards 'Blesk' [and its sister paper 'Aha!' where the interview was published] as a publication that makes up about 90 percent of its stories," said Walsh in a story that appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "Petr said he saw the story and laughed. He couldn't believe it was being talked about on all these web sites back in the states."

However, that doesn't mean that Sykora will be returning to the Penguins next season.  The Pittsburgh Penguins do not have very much salary cap space to work with.
"We are in a salary cap situation where we don't have any wiggle room," said Penguins coach Dan Bylsma. "I don't think it's about fitting the system."

"I respected the unique skill that Petr brought to a team and still brings to a team, which is putting the puck in the net," Bylsma added. "He does it in big situations and has done it his whole career."

Also, Walsh noted that Sykora played injured during the last part of the season.

"It made it hard for him to even hold a stick," Walsh said. "But there was no way he would take himself out of the lineup. He was extremely frustrated and very upset about being scratched."