Swish. Two Points. PENS WIN.

Guess what? It's two points.
The teams that don't have anything to lose are the worst teams to play in the latter months of the season. Some people saw a battle of ineptitude in this game. Others saw a solid goaltending duel. Others saw nothing 'cause they were at work.
Crosby didn't play. Whitney didn't play. And the Pens win.
The Pens have started this week of games with a huge win.
Chicago and Dallas await. Split city, maybe steal a point in a loss.
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Hand of Godard — sick.
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Letang came out laid a huge hit on some joke. What a way to come out.
TK-Staal-Cooke get a little cycle going, and the Isles get a penalty.
Nothing doing on the powerplay, as Yan Danis stands tall. Great name.
It can be argued the Pens were getting even better chances after the penalty was killed. You could feel a goal coming. Yan Danis couldn't.

Job job job.
— double major —

Pens set up shop in the Isles zone for a half-hour.
Satan gets a chance, but it would be more of a surpise if he did score at this point.
The Islanders suck, but Yanny is all business.

Wake up, MAF. You were gonna have to make a save soon. And he did.

Talbot and Dupuis were everywhere it seemed, but Yanni was still shutting things down faster than those peanut plants.

Business picked up towards the end of the period with the Isles showing a little surge. Bill Guerin realized there was a game and he started jobbing, but MAF was there.

Top 5 worthless periods of hockey on the season.
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Those nachos look unreal.
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It's real.
— Interesting title. LINK.
— Stunning recap of the game at YAHOO.
H/T's to Justin H. and Jon.
Oh and Bing plays Goal now according to ESPN:
picture 21
A little delay before the second period begins because Brendan Witt peed on the ice. The Isles use said pee to come out flying early on. Yeah right.

Somewhere in there, Staal and Satan were on the ice at the same time.
That's like Jim Abbott and the dude from Def Leppard entering a handball tournament.

Pens get a powerplay. Wake us up when it's over.
Letang had a decent chance. He gives Danis an hour to square up to the shot. Save.

Late on the powerplay, business picked up. Malkin gets sprung on a partial breakway, but Yanni is out of his mind. After a nine-car pile-up in front of Yanni, the Islanders get a breakaway out of nowhere. MAF stops it, which might be his first stop on a breakaway this season.
The Isles weren't done. They hit the pipe in the same sequence.

The Islanders got about 20 more chances in the next 3 minutes.
Solid save after solid save by MAF.

Crowd tries to get into it, but the USS Hal Gill gets called for hooking.
Isles jump on the PP and start moving the puck like the Soviets.
Killed. Gill almost gets a breakaway.

Something happened, and Jokposo gets jobbed.
Another PP for the Isles.

Jordan Staal shows us why he is a beast on defense and breaks up the Isles powerplay. Can't job him when he shows up.

Pens kill the penalty.
Then Letang gives the puck away.
Whitney gives him an "attaboy" from his couch.

TK had a chance late. See you in 17 minutes.

picture 24
Best thing you'll visit all morning.

picture 22
We knew FSN's "What You've Missed" segment was coming, and we fully expected them to show some dude ordering an MTO at Sheetz.

Three minutes into the third. No score yet.
But the Isles nearly change that. On a delayed penalty, Hugh Jackman comes flying down. Louie Pasta hits both posts as mayhem ensues in front MAF.
Gods takes a penalty.

Penalty kill.
Isles put Witt in front of MAF, but the Pens handle it and kill it.

FSN shows 66. You should be able to buy stock in his watch.

Hugh Jackman gets a shot on MAF.
Big-time big-time save.

Out of nowhere, the Pens hit the crossbar. The goal-horn guy jumps the gun. Can't blame him, really.

The sound of that pipe woke up the Pens.
They fly into the Isles zone.
Minard on a breakaway, makes a drop pass. That might have worked in AHL.
Thankfully, the Isles take a penalty.

Coming back from commercial, FSN shoots back to 66.
You know he called Minard a joke.

Pens set up shop. Yanni unreal.
Brendan Witt than loses his mind. What a psychopath.
Sykora gets a chance in front. Yanni.
Malkin. Yanni. Talbot. Yanni.
Meanwhile, Free Candy murders some dude. Huge hit.

Under five minutes.
You have to start thinking about a point now.

Every time the Isles touch the puck, the Pens season is on the line.
Not for the faint of heart.

Trent Hunter can lay on the puck now with no fear of a penalty. Awesome.

Pens get shit going. Malkin and Gonch take over. Brendan Witt kills Sykora in front. But Sykora gets up. Gonch and Malkin run their own flying V. Gonch gets it on net. Sykora finds the puck. Go to hell Witt.
1-0. Huge.
Can't wait for the news that Sykora tore his ACL celebrating.

Two minutes left, Father time enters the building for a quickie.

Yanni gets booed off the stage. The Pens miss 10 open nets.
Whew. Game.
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