Sweep The Leg

Bing stick-handling against who is said to be Austin Lemieux:
via [P.S.A.M.P]
Only way this video gets better is if Mario stepped in, stick-handled around Bing,
and then shot a puck and killed the person taping this.
And do yourself a favor.
If you haven't seen this photo album, check it out.

After the jump, not a whole lot.
We're not gonna regurgitate AP articles.
And our opinions on crap are just whatev.
Pens are a win away from the SCF.
Doesn't feel like it, does it?
Tonight, the final chapter of the Bill Cowher/Pittsburgh story may be written.
And it will not be a happy ending.
Cowher, representing the Hurricanes, will fire up the crowd ringing some stupid thing.
Some joke Steeler fan who doesn't pay attention to the Pens won't care.
But for many Pittsburgh sports fans, this will be considered a slap in the face.
Can't wait till he comes back to Pittsburgh, and admist all the cheers, there will be someone booing.
And you'll know why.
This game will be for that 3rd-and-1 against the Broncos in the 1997 AFC Championship.
Bettis was running over the entire NFL that season.  Kordell pick city in the end zone.

go pens