Super Wednesday Gameday

Great pics from CBKWit
Outside of the Scando games later in the day,
this has the potential to be a massive upset.
Switzerland's playing with nothing to lose, really.  No pressure.
The USA has people comparing them to the 1980 team for some bizarre reason.
The Ryan Miller we all know and love has yet to appear in the Olympics.
Way back when, the Swiss played the Americans hard in a 3-1 loss.
Then the Swiss turned around and took Canada to a shootout.
Since then, the Swiss have proven themselves capable to win close games,
beating Norway 5-4 and Belarus 3-2.
The Swiss Miss Roman Wick is lurking in the shadows.
This game needs no superfluous adjectives.
We're still puzzled by this decision to ride Luongo.
Marty Brodeur has won Cups while Luongo has to leave playoff games because he has diarrhea.
Not making that up.  CANADA.COM
Coach Babcock is coaching with his heart,
thinking that starting Vancouverite Luongo is good juju.
You have one of the top 3 goaltenders in the history of life wearing a hat on your bench
because he gave up 4 goals on 23 shots to what is essentially an all-star team in the U.S.
Meanwhile, Luongo shuts out Norway, which is pretty much
requires the same amount of skill as taking a crap without getting any feces on your face.
And then LUUUUUUU goes up against Germany.
He gives up 2 goals on 21 shots.
Germany had scored 3 goals in 3 games prior to facing Luongo.
Start Brodeur every day of the week.
Funny take from DownGoesBrown on Twitter before Canada game:
"One reason to cheer for Canada:
If they lose to Germany, by tomorrow Youtube will be nothing but bad Hitler parody videos."
We get through all of this without mentioning that they have to face Russia.
Crosby vs A.O is great and all.
But this is Malkin vs Crosby. This may even be our worst nightmare. We talk about wrestling probably way to much, but this is as close to old school WWF as it gets.
Two human beings that will do anything to win. We've watched them grow their game together.
Now we must watch them try to destroy each other.
Is that Marc Andre Fleury's music?
Don't count out Double J.
That's all we got to say.
You can read about it in the papers in the morning.
Sweden's expected to take this one to the bank.
Norway took Slovakia to the brink on Tuesday night.
Some shit after the jump. A quick note about Rinko, and we'll show you why this is picture is no longer the funniest pic of Hillary Duff.
[A canaan joint]
Rinko is hitting the homestretch.
Coming Thursday night will be a massive analysis of the standings heading into the final games.
And we reiterate that we'll be moving all Rinkotology talk to another blog entirely.
You will be seeing a Feedback form shortly on Rinko.
The NHL Playoffs version will be here in short order.
We're looking at any and all suggestions for improvement.
The game is still small enough for your feedback to be taken into account.
We have message boards in mind, a blog that lets you know when stats are updated,
even a 5-digit text number for notifications on stat updates to cellphones.
If you could provide quick feedback when you are prompted, that'd be awesome.
Regardless, what we have planned for the Playoffs is nassssssty.
And there will be way way way more money in prizes to more people.
Don't even know how to set this up. We aren't ones to post pics of players personal lives, but when they aren't penguins who cares.
Charlie's only female love is now engaged.

Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie got engaged, and a sneaky photographer got that and well…just look at the pics.






Showing it off.



Ohhh dear.
Unhockey related, but hilarious.
Captain Janks, the king of prank calls destroyed Sportscenter with a howard stern reference.
As soon as the Olympics are over:


We'll pick this town apart piece by piece.


Go Country.