Suddenly Kunitz. PENS WIN.


If you’ve seen one Pens-Isles game at the Igloo, you know the script.
But that doesn’t lessen the importance of getting a win after a tough weekend.
It also doesn’t lessen the impact of a Chris Kunitz. Kunitz had a solid game against Washington, and he was equally as impressive last night. It is clear that during his scoring slump, Kunitz was not 100%. Because when he is healthy, he contributes in a lot of ways that add up.
The Pens now have two games left before the Olympic break.
And lost in everything is the fact tahat the Devils are in full collapse mode.
They lost again last night, and the Pens are closing in.
Another side story developing is the approaching roster freeze.
It seems Shero is going to give himself time to make decisions over the Olympic break.
Per our good friend Brian Metzler, who got a look at the scouts’ seating chart on Twitter:
Someone said Mark Madden was talking about some guy from Nashville coming in.
We must have missed that in between Linkin Park songs.
brian s.
eric m.
Not a lot going on in the first period.  The first ten minutes took a cue from the Mayor of Pittsburgh and went to celebrate its 30th birthday in the Laurel Mountains with some sluts.
After the game came back, Tyler Kennedy fought some dude.
Probably not a good move, but he didn’t get killed, so chalk it up as a win.
Tempers flared again after Letang made a sick stick save on an Islander with MAF out of the play.
The puck then got stuck underneath Letang, and rookie John Tavares basically two-handed him.
Letang got a penalty for delay of game, and Tavares got a penalty for being an idiot.  4 on 4.
Shortly after that, Malkin set up Orpik in front, but Rolo said no.
Later on in the shift, Orpik hit the post.
Then really nothing happened. The Islanders were all over shit. But MAF kept the Pens around.
Malkin tried to make some unreal Mighty Ducks II move but it got shut down.
We hate to keep talking about the Caps, but this is a must-see video of A.O. sinking the USS Hal Gill.

The refs would rule it no-goal, which we suppose is the right call, but we don’t care. The Caps tied it late, but the Habs won the game with 7 seconds left in OT, ending the Caps win streak at 14 and preserving the 17-game streak of the 1992-93 Pens.
The second period was more of the same, but something was bound to happen.
Orpik got called for a high stick, but it was really the linesman’s fault.
As Orpik went for a check, Okojoko got out of the way.
The linesman turned to avoid Orpik, but as he did, he knocked Orpik’s stick into Okojoko.  Penalty.
And then it got worse.
Staal got called for being to dominant on the penalty kill. 5-on-3 for the Isles.
MAF was sharp, and the Isles didn’t really do anything with the 5-on 3.
The Pens killed it, and Malkin got the puck as the Pens came to even strength.
Kunitz trailed the play. Malkin’s pass was deflected but still got to Koon.
Really weak goal for Rolo to give up, but we’ll take it.

After that, the Isles job Malkin, and the Pens get a powerplay

After a Pens powerplay, Rupp and Rolo almost fight. Pens started to get into Rolo’s head a little bit.
Off the ensuing faceoff, Malkin deflects puts a shot-pass from Sarge into the bank.

17:00 mark.
Some controversy:
Two of the three characters lean toward “1st”.  No dice.
It was inevitable that the Islanders were going to score at some point, and Neilsen turned in the tally with little over half the period to play. 2-1.
The Islanders were insane for a while. Some guy named Schremp was running around.
But MAF held the fort.
And finally the Pens got a nice bounce.
Kunitz chips it up to Guerin.
Bill Guerin beatss some dude to the puck and made a nice saucer/flip pass to Koon.
Breakaway city on Rolo.
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