Stormy Weather. PENS WIN

The popular saying today will be, "This game will turn the season around for the Pens."
You should turn yourself around and take the broom out of your butthole.

Don't get us wrong.  The win was nice.  Beating the top team in the NHL is always something to rejoice over.  The Sharks were coming off their game against Boston, arguably the biggest game of the NHL season up to this point.  San Jose coming back to tie this game in the third is just what they do.

But turning a season around would entail beating Toronto on Saturday.  It would entail beating Florida at home.  It would entail beating Carolina. beating someone in your own conference with whom you're battling for a playoff spot.

It's a shame one of the biggest wins for the Pens this season comes on the night where gale-force winds relentlessly punished the city of Pittsburgh and rendered some people without power, including us.  It's a shame we got to come with this "don't get too high, don't get too low" bullshit after a game like this. 

We just aren't feeling it, basically because we didn't watch the game and spent the night muttering to ourselves in a candlelit room, refreshing the Yahoo game center on our phones until those batteries went dead, as well.  All this game confirmed to us was that the 1920s were a joke time to live.
We're not gonna insult anyone with a recap of a game we didn't watch.

Yeah, we will.  Maybe we actually tried to do a recap, but a cumulative hour's worth of work went down the balls because our power kept flickering like a little bitch.
For view of the sharks side, [FEAR THE FIN] is all over it.
Ryan and Ean
ryan f.
phil m
allen L.
picture 20
You could tell how big this game was by Bob Errey's voice. A lot of anticipation.
Too bad he's a double agent.
Some joke ruined a Potash interview:

Anyone who pees on the dude ruining this interview gets a CONSOL hat and 20 dollars.
We do not take kindly to people messing with Dan Potash.

Kevin Stevens gots a scoring chance, but Artus Irbe makes a huge save.

Kelly Clarkson's new song is pretty solid.
That BMX rider got destroyed.  And he died.

Doug Wilson comes out of nowhere and breaks up a 2-on-1.

The Pens respond with a solid shift from Kevbo, TheOwen Jones, and Kaynan. But now dice.  Paul Explosion takes a penalty behind the play, and the PK comes out.

Shorthanded, Irbe thwarts the pens, as Pittsmo tries to goes Smohole.
Menn gets a breakaway, but post city.
Nothing really else happens. boring times. MAF has to pause the game to find a different camera view.


picture 24
what a show.
picture 21
Second period was the same as the tail end of the first.
Rob Blake and Pat Falloon had a two-on-none, and the jokes tried to do a last-second cross-crease pass for a one-timer.
MAF anticipated it and got credit for a desperation save.
The Pens realized halfway through the second that a couple of Sharks were juicers, and the Pens contemplated quitting out.
Thank God they didn't.
Later on, Whitney realized that a couple of the Sharks were cherry-picking, so he stationed himself at center ice preparing to cut off some passes.  While standing there, he couldn't believe that his forwards couldn't score on essentially a 4-on-2 in the zone.
People forget that staying back at center ice to stop cherry-pickers severely effects your position score.  Dicks.
The Sharks turned it on in the second half of the period.   Thornton tried to do the curve shot, but he missed wide.  Marleau straddled the goal line, waiting for MAF to go down.
MAF goes down, but he shoots it over the crossbar.
Barton levels him.
But the story of the second period was Dollar Bill Thomas finally achieving his Legend card.  He got it on some jobber carom goal.  But it counts.   1-0.
Pockets gets a breakaway later and tries to do the vision-control wrist shot which he would later come to detest.
Period was over, but the intermission was longer than usual because Zero had to watch all the highlights instead of pressing A.
The Sharks tied it up.1-1
Fatest third period of the season.
Pens get a late powerplay, and the mega powers almost hook up off a faceoff.
David Alan Grier had a chance to end everything late, but MAF was all over it.
Just get the point.
picture 23
Rob Blake has no idea whats going on, and takes down Malkin.
Little doubt the Pens weren't going to score.
Some chances were had, but no dice.
After two sets of shooters miss.
The Bing walks down.
Throws salt in Boucher's eyes.
If you need more info, go find the highlights.

  • banner finals tomorrow
  • Carrot retirment ceremony soon
  • Gonch is coming back. if you haven't heard.