Still Waiting


NHL scheduling is great, isn't it?

This article from the News & Observer had a pretty good line:

"Even if the league wanted to pull strings behind the scenes to ensure the Pittsburgh Penguins' return to the Stanley Cup finals, it's nowhere near organized enough to pull it off.

This is the league that packed three two-day breaks between games into the Eastern Conference finals, stretching it out longer than some wars. If the NHL can't come up with a sensible schedule for a playoff series, how is it supposed to rig one?"

Speaking of the belief that the NHL favors the Penguins, Matt Cooke will not be suspended.


Ryan Malone has no regrets and is cheering for the Pens to win the Cup.

The WBS Penguins have have removed the interim tag from coach Todd Reirden.


Here are a few random Contestblog entries we've received so far:

For more information on Contestblog, see this post.

This is a well-produced video:

Maybe the free stuff will encourage the crowd to be louder.

Go Pens.