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Still Trollin’ After All These Years

We always make fun of people on [LGP]. Truth is, like our very own C-blog, there are some good posters and some trolls.

But someone found a very special troll moment recently that we thought was just another example of some Penguin fans never being happy.  And it was just weird.

November 7, 2008

December 8, 2009

How bizarre is that? Less than a year goes by, and Malkin is now being called out like Crosby was last year.

We didn’t intend this to be a “defend Malkin” post, but we have noticed some people starting to call out Malkin.
So let’s go to the numbers quickly:

1. 29 points in 24 games.
2. Missed 7 games.
3. Averaging 1.20 points per game. So without missing 7 games, he would have about 37 points, or good enough for second in the NHL.
4. +12
5. 11 assists in the third period this season. That is unreal.
6. You get the picture.

Typically fanboys like those who complain about players not scoring goals usually aren’t even worth talking about.  So we’ll play devil’s advocate with a great NHL stat that may show Geno is not quite himself yet: Takeaways.

Last year Geno led the league with 94 takeaways, which is astounding.
Basically a takeaway means your wreaking havoc. And that is Geno.

This year, he only has 23 takeaways. The leader is down syndrome Datsyuk with 39.
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Something tells us Malkin will be okay. He’ll score two goals tonight in Montreal.
You’ll read about it in the papers on Friday.
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Erik Cole. Don’t have the video yet, but he boarded some Devil into the boards last night.
What a jerkoff. Go Pens.
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Sucks they had to job Nicolas Cage.
Go Pens again.
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