Still PENS


It's been over a day since the Gonchar injury was announced and everything appears to be still standing.

Max Talbot filmed a new commercial for A&L Motors.



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Kostitsyn is the one who said this last year:

"And who is the most overhyped player?"

"It is probably Crosby, just like everyone says, just like Semin said recently. It is true that [he gets] a lot of attention. If you ask me, I think Semin and Ovechkin play much better than Crosby."

"But you have to agree that Sidney Crosby is a great player with great skill. It's not for nothing he is considered one of the best players." 

"Yes, he is very technically skilled. But Semin, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Malkin are more technically skilled. And it's not because they are Russian, it's just my opinion."

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Johnson's only start this year was the team's 3-0 loss to Phoenix.
Fleury is scheduled to play on Saturday against New Jersey.

Emily V. saw the Stanley Cup at Dick's Sporting Goods:

Jonathan Toews should have kept his head up:


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Nine games scheduled for tonight: