We spent all day Wednesday trying to find someone
who actually cares about the Pens-Leafs game from Tuesday night.
All we can say is that as the game went on, that one Sabres fan with the big boobs
from the Center Ice commercials kept getting hotter and hotter.
You know who we're talking about.
And there was nothing you could do about it.
PUCK DADDY has the Vegas odds on this season's playoff teams.
Pens will finish either second or fourth in the East.
STEVE LEPORE posted the teaser that Versus is using for opening night.
Everyone seemingly approves of the commercial.




maybe we just hate the Caps.


It's supposed to be about die-hard fans of each team bickering back and forth.


But they're reading from a script.  It isn't their true



everyone delivers their lines with the camera presence of a tree.


It turns out kind of lame, but at least there is hard-core music.


"Defense?  Who needs defense?"

Stanley Cup champions do.


We don't take big dumps on everything Versus



commercials throughout the playoffs last season were great.


But this is gay.


go pens