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For an August day, this post is almost as packed full as Bruce Boudreau at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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My story begins the afternoon of Thursday, June 11th, 2009.

During a phone conversation, my good friend Mario said to me “Hey man, you’ve got all that cardboard in your garage, why don’t you make a Stanley Cup for the game tomorrow night?”

Brooks Orpik donated 15 sets of hockey equipment to the "Hockey in the Hood" program.
Each player at the US Olympic camp is making a similar donation.

Pierre McGuire drops a bombshell.
He says that Sidney Crosby will be "a focal point player" on Team Canada.
In other words, he should expect the exact same scrutiny he's had his entire life.

What is news is that McGuire made it through an entire discussion on leadership without mentioning Mike Richards once.
The world just ended.

Eight Penguins games will be shown on Versus this (next?) season.
Are we calling it "this season" yet?  Or is it still "next season?"


Dan Bylsma visited the Steelers training camp.


Word is that he spent his time talking with Mike Tomlin about how awesome winning a championship is.

Some say they could hear John Russell in the bushes weeping.


Posted in Cblog by jonross:


Apparently no one told IceJerseys that the Penguins didn't deserve their Cup win.
They probably also put a "C" on any "Rosby" jerseys they sell, despite the fact that he clearly doesn't deserve it.



This has nothing to do with hockey, but everything to do with idiocy:


The NHL 10 demo is on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now.

More Summer of Woooo pics.

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