So We Wonder How They Would React To A Photoshop Expo?

Oops. [PG]
The gauntlet appears to have been first picked up sometime Tuesday evening on an Internet site called Pensblog, where anonymous posters share their thoughts from behind the veil of cryptic online identities.

“Luke overcooked my Thanksgiving turkey,” someone posted.

“Luke moves your folding chair and parks in your space anyway,” another wrote.

“Luke eats Frosted Flakes for breakfast, then appoints them to board positions.”

That’s just a sampling of the nonsensical onslaught that has been crackling across Twitter and various blogs this week. And it’s all aimed at the mayor.

Actually, that isn’t what happened. We posted the hash tag #ravenstahlrumors on Twitter, and it took off from there.
But cryptic online identities sounds cool, so we’ll go with that.
Actually, maybe Tony Granato is behind all of this.
Anyway it would only seem right to follow up with a Luke Ravenstahl photoshop expo.
Should we roll it?
C-blog and emailers’ call on this one.
P.S. A statement from our lawyer, Charlie De La Faggio, Esq.:
Go Pens.
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