So Long Whits

Pens have traded Ryan Whitney to Anaheim for Chris Kunitz and Eric "Chris" Tangradi.
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Basically because we can't fit the screenshot on the main page.
Without Ryan Whitney to job on a nightly basis, is there even a reason to watch the rest of the Pens games?
He was a solid d-man, but he was given too big a contract too early.
The Pens are deep on the blue line and probably have something else already lined up this season, trades-wise.
We've all heard Kunitz's name called in Ducks games.
He has 16 goals this season.  His career average is 20.
Shero doesn't like too many Chris's on his team at once.
Chris Minard is placed on waivers.
If you like him but think no team will pick him up, then he isn't that good.
He's had great shot after great shot, being set up by the best in the game.  No dice.