So Hard To Say Goodbye, Gonch

We have a lot of memories of Gonch.
— Butt-ending Hartnell.
— Eliminating Aaron Ward.
— Eliminating Clutterjoke.
— Coming back in Game 7 against Caps to send the eventual first goal of the game netward on one leg.
— Coming back onto the ice in Game 5 in 2008 against Detroit a la Willis Reed for the PP that led to Sykora's goal.
— That bullshit goal he scored on Brodeur from the corner.
— So many big blasts.
These goals are two of our favorites.
Because if you take yourself back to the moments in time, they were enormous goals.
We'd do that thing where it jumps straight to the goal.
But watching the entire clips is so much more fulfilling.
Goal is at 7:25 mark.  Check out that fist pump.
Goal is at 4:35.
This was in Game 3 of the 2009 SCF (Cup year).  Pens were down 2 games to none.
Looking at this one now, it'll probably go down as the biggest he scored in a Pens uniform.
God, just watching that goal and remembering where you were…
seeing the net flutter…
and the feeling of jumping out of your seat if for some reason you weren't already standing.
Nothing like goosebumps on a hot June day.
Great footage of the entire PP from the seats.  SHOOOOOOOOOOOT.
At 1:21, you can feel the crowd swell up. Man.
For you, Gonch: