Snow Jobbed. PENS LOSE
This had all the signs of a trap game.
The Pens are playing the Caps tomorrow at noon.
No one even knows if they'll make it to Washington.
On top of that, the Habs are hurting and using AHL players to fill in their lineup.
We all kind of expected this.
Or at least we should have.
How strange is it to see Montreal, Canada relatively devoid of snow while the east coast of the USA is covered in it?
Scott Gomez didn't wear a helmet during the warm ups.
Big mistake.
He was hit with a puck and needed stitches in the back of his head.
Six forwards in the Habs lineup are call-ups from the AHL.  You just knew some scrub was going to burn the Pens for a goal.
The Pens come out strong, especially Feds who gets a few hits in.
The Habs throw it behind the Penguins net.
Fleury goes out to play it.
Mathieu Darche hits him from behind.
The entire Penguins team stops, assuming a penalty is called.
The refs, showing the NHL's obvious bias towards Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, do nothing but watch as Tomas Plekanec throws it into the empty net.
The Penguins complain.  No dice. 1-0.
Let the rioting begin.

The Pens come storming back.
Jordan Staal make Ryan O'Bryne look like a fool and leaves him sitting on the ice as Staal rushes to the net.
Halak makes a save on Staal, but Dupuis is there to pick up the trash. 1-1.

Jordan Staal wrecked O'Byrne's life on that play.

The referee decides to review that one to see if Dupuis pushed it in with his hand.
He didn't.

Darche is all over the front of the Penguins net.  He gets a couple good chances, but no one's hitting Fleury from behind at the time, so the puck stays out.

Any resemblance this game once had to the sport of hockey completely disappears.
Players start falling all over and giving the puck away like it's got herpes.

This is a prime example of why you shouldn't play NHL games in the early afternoon.

No one's quite sure what's going on for the next minute or so.
Ben Maxwell wakes up and he hooks Dupuis.
The Pens go on the power play.

The Pens set up well and are about to get a chance when the whistle blows.  Some Hab's stick is caught in between the glass.
Crosby isn't happy about the whistle, but that doesn't matter because he's a whiner and a diver and he doesn't deserve the C.

The penalty is killed and then it's turnover city for a while.

Staal and Malkin come out and try to take over the world.  Malkin goes coast-to-coast with the puck, but he can't beat Halak.

The Pens have trouble getting the puck out of their own end and the Habs get some chances.  Fleury is solid.

Everyone starts falling down for a while.  Adams gets called for tripping and the Habs go on the power play.
Montreal is ranked second in the league with the man advantage.
That doesn't matter.  The Pens kill it off.

With four seconds left Adams draws a penalty but the period ends before the Pens can do much.

Apparently Spacek assisted on Dupuis' goal.
The Pens start the second on the power play.
That doesn't stop the Habs from getting a 3-on-2 against FleuryFleury stops it.
CBC mentions that the referee said he "missed that one" in regards to Fleury being hit behind the net.
Travis Moen hooks Letestu near the Montreal net.  Penguins power play.  The Pens have no shots in the period at this point.
The Habs complain about the call.  Who cares?
Crosby with some nice passing, but the Habs kill the penalty anyway.
A nice save by Halak leads to a Brian Gionta breakaway.  He roofs it on Fleury2-1.
Nice goal.
It looks like Gionta hurts himself on the goal as he stays down on the ice for a while.
The Habs come out firing.  Fleury makes a save, but the Pens get penalized again despite Gary Bettman's pro-Crosby conspiracy.
The Habs go on the power play.  There's a scramble in front of the net and Scott Gomez jams it in.  3-1.
The riots escalate as the Habs have a two goal lead in the second period.
The Pens look a bit lost and the Habs are energized.  They draw another penalty and go back on the power play.
The shots are 21-9 for Montreal at this point.  The Pens kill the penalty.
Cooke crosschecks Markov in the corner and Markov sells it stays down because he's hurt.  No call.
Sometimes the only way to express your feelings about a hockey game is to burn cars.
Crosby and Guerin come storming into Montreal's zone.
Billy G with a nice shot over Halak's glove. 3-2.
The assist is Crosby's 300th in the NHL.
We assume that 300 ASS = 100 Goal.
The Pens put on the pressure as the period ends.  Crosby, Malkin & Staal are on the ice at once.
Halak stands tall.

The Pens are flying to Newark and then taking a bus to Washington.
This is what the Verizon Center looks like right now:
Rumor has it that there was twice as much snow earlier in the day, but Ovechkin's passion and energy melted half of it.
The Pens start the third with the same energy they had at the end of the second.
The Cooke/Staal/Kennedy line is reunited and they make some noise.
The Habs come back, but Fleury is solid.
Both teams are trading chances now.
Feds continues to play physical, hitting Plekanec hard.
Malkin and Crosby are playing together now, pressing for a goal.
The Habs sneak a shot through Fleury and for a second it looks like it's in, but it goes off the post.
The Habs fourth line is playing against Crosby and Malkin.
The Habs keep pressing.  And Mathieu Darche scores.  4-2.
He joins a long list of jobbers that manage to look like superstars against the Pens.
Fleury is pulled in favor of Brent Johnson.
Maybe Johnson should have started today?
Whatev.  What do we know?
Fleury will be back in net tomorrow against the Caps… if the Pens can make it to Washington.
The "ole ole ole" song fills the Bell Centre.
Malkin races in.  He passes it to Fedotenko in front.  He's tied up and can't get it past Halak.
Back in the Pens zone another giveaway leads to a Habs goal.
Eaton bumps Johnson who hits the ice.  This leads to another Brian Gionta goal.  5-2.
Burn baby burn.
The Pens respond by getting a penalty.  Adams is given two minutes for crosschecking.
Half the crowd is singing "Ole Ole Ole" while it sounds like the rest are singing "Hey Hey Hey Goodbye."
Ryan White hits MalkinGuerin doesn't like that.
Bad Ass Billy G drops the gloves.
He gets the extra penalty and the Habs are on the powerplay.
Orpik dishes out some Free Candy and gets called.  It's a Montreal 5-on-3 for a minute and a half.
Lots of passing.  And more passing.  And more.
Malkin comes out of the box and moves in on HalakJaroslav has no chance. 5-3.
The Pens are buzzing now.  Fedotenko with a huge shot.  Halak with a great save.  He saved the game there for Montreal.
Geno takes a penalty and there's another Habs power play with just over two minutes to play.
The Habs know Jordan Staal is on the ice and they play it incredibly cautiously.
"Ole Ole Ole…."
The Pens play again in about 5 minutes.
If you thought the Montreal fans were annoying with their Coldplay and U2 and the "Ole" song, wait until we're in Washington tomorrow.
If anyone can make it to the arena that is.
We'll announce the Twitter contest winner tomorrow.

No one knows what time the Pens will get to Washington.
We're hearing they may not leave Newark until tomorrow morning, though CBC says they will drive tonight and get in about 1:30am.