Silence of the Flyers. PENS WIN.
24 hours later, the Pens were good again.
Beating the Flyers just puts a bounce in your step. Never gets old.
What a nail-biter. Not really.
But you just have to make a cannibalism joke right out of the gate.
How great is it for Pens fans from the '80s
not being the least bit worried anymore about playing in Philadelphia?
On a night where the Flyers' organist prompted the CROSBY SUCKS chant
every time he was about to take a faceoff
…Bing answered by winning 21 out of 24 — that's 87.5%.
Hard to be a beast on a night where you give up 4 goals, but MAF was beast city.
How do you feel if you're the Flyers right now?
You make some splashes in the offseason.
Then you test the new acquisitions in back-to-back games against the Caps and Pens.
You barely beat the Capitals.
Whoops. Meh.
You lose to the Penguins.
And your goalie that was supposed to push the team to another level?

That's 10 goals against in 2 games versus Eastern elite. Ouch.

All of the aforementioned storylines are rendered null, however,
due to Hannibal Hartnell trying to eat Kris Letang.
He bit Letang on his ring finger.
Closest Hartnell will get to a Stanley Cup ring.
If you think there's more Hartnell photoshops after clicking "Read More,"
you are right.
Before you sit down to eat your dinner, Little Debbie takes a penalty 14 seconds in.
Pens waste no time. Gonch to Malkin.
Later in the period, Malkin was victim of two of the most bizarre penalty calls in modern-day hockey.
Adams and Lap fought. Wanted Adams to shush the crowd.

Little Debbie eventually scores. 1-1.

On the next faceoff, Disco puts Malkin and Staal together.
In a vintage NHL10 move, Malkin skates around the neutral zone waiting for his teammates to get onside.
He hits Staal with an underrated pass.
Staal bulls past Rafalski Coburn. 2-1.
Such a big goal. Emery had no reaction at all.
Rare mother/son stunned pic.
[Sloppy eric]
Then came those Malkin penalties. He gets held against the boards and somehow gets four minutes in penalties.
No clue.

At the end of the period, Go-Go gets a shot on net. Emery flops around. It somehow stays out of the net.
Just for the record, Go-Go has been unreal. He gets everything on net. And he's getting the puck up the ice.
MAF was solid, as well. Playing the puck so much better this year. He's making things look easy.
Crosby and faceoffs. MAF and stickhandling.
They know their weaknesses.
Charlie always says if you do it enough, your face will stay that way.
Everyone picked up on these two morons behind the Pens bench.
Where's the dad? Oh, he probably abandoned this bag.

That kid's social life is over before it even starts.

This is the weirdest photo ever sent in, by Eric R.
Is that Don Rickles?
Top right. Inconclusive.

The Koon took a penalty early in the second.
Cooke breaks his stick then makes a nice play to block a shot. But it takes a horrible bounce.
Just think — 30 more goals and you might actually earn your contract.

Four seconds later, Crosby gets set up all alone in the slot.
Hits the post. What a shot. Emery was all messed up.

Later, the Pens catch Philly on a horrible line change.
Billie G. is not Emery's lover. Clicks the right thumbstick. Goal. 3-2.

And then the Pens went on a power play.
Malkin's stick breaks on a slapper after Pronger jobs it.
Hopefully the blade of his stick killed someone.
It's too easy to photoshop this one.

Malkin takes an interference penalty.
Be glad they called that. As soon as the NHL stops calling those, we're back to the late '90s.
Weren't calling it in June, though.

Just when you're starting to get pissed off, Goal. Coburn inexplicably throws the puck at his own net.
Ray Emery was even looking at the play. So bizarre.
Rüster is the definition of STUNNED. 4-2.
Go-Go gets credit for the goal.  You can call him Al.
What a photoshop.


Can you imagine the Mellon playing the intro after some big goal? Never


We would have posted the recap 4 minutes and 35 seconds earlier if it wasn't for this.
After some crap, Kunitz makes some no-look pass which becomes a gray-area turonver.
The Koon gets reprieved by Fleury's glove.

Soon after, it was Crosby's turn to commit a giveaway in the gray area. Save.
Crosby and Koon bought MAF's glove a hooker after the game.

Toward the end of the period, Crosby trips the smell.
Then Staal chases Timonen. Then he slashes Timonen. A dive buys the call.
Never mind the Timonen interference on Staal that started that whole thing.
Flyers score on the 5-on-3. 4-3.

Orpik reminds Debbie that he's still a 9-year-old girl.
October is free-candy month.
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It takes 13 seconds.
The Flyers came out eating the Pens' chicken in the third. Pens had to wake up.
Richards gives Letang the business. Solid hit.

Malkin almost singlehandedly woke the Pens up when he tried to go through the world.
The best part was him elbowing Ryan Parent.

The Pens kept stemming some mini runs by Philly.
Then Kennedy innocently taps it down into the Flyers zone.
Adams comes in all business. Matt Cooke gets the puck.
TK all alone in front.
What a play all around.
-Gifford P-

Flyers starting losing their minds after that.
Two penalties a minute apart give the Pens a 5-on-3.
Disco calls the timeout for the big boys.

Standing up in your living room on two-man advantages never gets old.

But things almost flip-flopped in a matter of seconds.
Jeff Carter came out of the box and was behind the D.
Malkin makes a diving play to thwart the lead pass.
So, the Pens don't get anything on those power plays.
Then the Flyers get their own, which you knew was coming.
Pens kill it pretty easily. Boo-Birds start coming out. Beautiful.

With about 2:30 left, Guerin leads a 2-on-1 with Kunitz.
Kunitz was seemingly wide open, but Guerin takes the shot.
Guerin knew passing across the slot would give the Flyers the slightest chance to break it up and head the other way with numbers.
That's what a veteran brings.
Or maybe he's just a dick. Don Rickles had something to do with it.

Before you knew it, the Flyers pull Emery.

Jeff Carter puts one home with 41 seconds left. 5-4. What a shot.
At the end, the Pens were trying to put home the empty-netter.
The loudest cheer of the night comes when two people hit Crosby.
Really? The Pens fans in attendance were cheering 'cause the Flyers were jerking themselves in their own zone.
At the end, the Flyers get a semblance of a chance. Leadership runs MAF.
Smell bites Letang in a scrum.


Fans start cheering like the Flyers just won.
No, they lost. But they're gonna fight, which is better than a win.
CROSBY SUCKS chant at the end of the game? What?