SiestaTown. PENS LOSE.

How could this game have been any different? No idea.
If Malkin buries that one on the doorstep in the first, maybe the Pens win.
Detroit was playing their second game in two days. That was gonna be the excuse if they had lost. To compensate for this second game of a back-to-back, they played more defensively, saving and conserving energy. Couple with the Pens' own game plan, this resulted in a boring hockey game with few scoring chances.

The Wangs' first goal came from a rebound off an outside shot.
Hossa's goal came from Forbes Ave.
Datsyuk scored because the Pens didn't care anymore.

It feels kind of weird actually respecting a Detroit goaltender after a game.
But Conklin was cash.
The Penguins inconsistencies at this point is maddening. And it is only going to get worse.
The magnifying glass is gonna start burning ants.
Ants = Penguins.
Winning solves everything. Just look at the Lightning game.
The Pens got the W, and no one wants to talk about how awful they played.
Columbus is just a joke.
In this Detroit game, you can just see there is something not right.
Maybe the Pens will win a few more games to mask the internal bleeding.
Maybe they'll sneak into the playoffs.
But something is amiss.
What it is, we have no idea.
If we did, we wouldn't have a blog.
Hossa Hatred was running rampant.
We have tons of pics from the Arena on Sunday.

Joey L.
Eric M.
Andy Marino
Phil M.

This game had the biggest Mellon Arena subplot of the season.
It was a way for all of us to let Hossa hear how much we can't stand him.
Like it or not, if you paid for that ticket, you could do whatever the hell you wanted.
If you wanted to boo Hossa, do it.
On Monday, we're gonna hear it from journalists who will berate the Pens fans for booing Hossa. We can almost hear Guy Junker whining about it already.
But guess what: Journalists aren't real fans.
If they were, they wouldn't be journalists.
Here are some of the signs from today:
eric m.
cblog contingent
andy m.
picture 20
Mikael Samuelsson gets caught holding up Bill Thomas.
The Red Wings do that every play. It just isn't in front of the refs every time.
Hossa stepped on the ice and was booed relentlessly.
He stuffed two $50 bills in his ears so he couldn't hear anything.

Crosby and Samuelsson went at it for a while.
Like two soccer moms fighting over a parking spot.

Kronwall tries to job Dupuis but gets caught. Pens go on the PP again.
Malkin had a great chance on the doorstep, but ConkBlock was there.

Dupuis took a penalty, and Emrick starts going down on Detroit's PP unit.
The Pens were all business, barely letting the Wangs set up shop.

The Pens had a power play at the tail end of the first. The stars were aligned for the Whitney Play™, but he somehow loses the puck.
picture 24
Homemade jersey from Mike P.
picture 21
Nothing was going on in the second until Sykora went to the box.
Time for the Wings PP to go to work. Jobber rebound. Goal. 1-0.
Picture of the year thus far.
Thanks to Joey L for showing the bavery to snap this.
Yeah, nothing else happened until the end of the second when the Pens got a PP on a Lidstrom penalty we're still waiting to see.
The second period was maybe the most boring period of the entire season.
It was just the Wings toying with the Pens.
Every so often, the Pens would get a shot.
But it was shutdown city.
We had to listen to the NBC feed, because the radio was too ahead of the play.
Brutal. Pierre Maguire was intense.
Thankfully someone submitted him to [ Douchebag of the week.]
Godard had a breakaway at one point, but we're pretty sure that was his only shift of the game.
Babcock, meanwhile, rolls all four lines and makes Therrien look bad at the matchup game.
What is the point of having Luca Caputi up if he is going to play 11 minutes?
And what is the point of even dressing Satan?
Really bad times.
picture 22
All was going slow, and the Red Wings were sucking the life out of everyone.
And then Hossa gave us a F You.
He made Staal look like a chicken. All you hear is the post.
Large contingent of C-Blog: Stunned.
This hurts:
Barf job.
Not even the Pens themselves cared when Shrek made it 3-0 and game.
Ryan Whitney is a stunning -12 in 22 games on the season.
God help us all.