Sidney Crosby is Better Than You

Sidney Crosby carried the Olympic Torch in his home province of Nova Scotia today.
Empty Netters has some pictures.
Also, this was mentioned in cblog earlier today, but it’s worth posting here.

“More than a scorer, he’s a gritty leader with iron will and sandpaper in his game.”

“In the Game 7 handshake line (to which Crosby was tardy by the Wings’ standards), Babcock pumped Crosby’s hand and said, ‘Great leadership.’

Babcock chose Crosby.

And I choose Crosby as the Sportsman of the Year.”

Of course, none of this will silence those witty detractors who call him “Cindy Crysby” or bring pacifiers to games.
It won’t quiet people who say he “doesn’t deserve the C.”
It definitely won’t stop the chants of “Crosby Sucks.”
But Sidney Crosby doesn’t care.
He’s too busy being better than you.
Go Pens.