Shocking Situation Unfolding In Montreal

Huge win for the Pens.
Recap is on its way, you certain idiots.
But right now there are some shocking reports coming out of Montreal.
This is not a joke.
Mirtle is on it right now.
Radio reports from Quebec say the police are waiting for the Habs to land.
The quotes from various people are what is making this story:

Jacques Demers: "Honestly, there are things I know, and what looks like what's going to come out [in the papers] tomorrow, I swear to you, I thought about Mr. Beliveau tonight … and I just hope I'm dreaming. I'm a proud Canadien, the Canadiens are my life, and I hope I'm dreaming but I don't think I am."


Bob Hartley: "If everything we've been told is true, I've never seen that in my life. If it's true, I'm going back to Atlanta [joking]"

Michel Bergeron: "The Canadiens are my roots, and my idols, like you guys…and it looks like the foundation is going to be shaken. Not just for the Quebecois but for anyone who wears the Canadiens sweater around the country. To me, what's happened, it's unacceptable".

Oh boy. More on this as it unfolds.
Or just go find the links yourself.
Mirtle is now saying this maybe nothing.
Habs suck.