Sergei Gonchar Out Four to Six Weeks With Broken Wrist



He was injured yesterday on a hit from St. Louis' David Backes.

A six week absence would mean that he would return in the beginning of December.

In his place, Martin Skoula will be making his Penguins debut on Friday night against Florida.

As important as Gonchar is to this team, it's a luxury that the Pens have a veteran defenseman like Skoula waiting in the wings.

In the 2007/2008 season Ty Conklin and Evgeni Malkin carried the load while Marc-Andre Fleury and Sidney Crosby were both out with injuries, so you never know who's going to step up in a time of need.

The Penguins defense has been solid so far and Goligoski and Letang are improving every day.

Does his injury hurt the team?
Of course it does.
Sergei Gonchar is a world class talent and not having him will make things more difficult for everyone else on the team.

But, ultimately its an injury in October on a team that's playing very well.

13 of the 18 Pens skaters had points last night.
That's teamwork and that's depth.
That's exactly what it takes to overcome injuries like this one.

Back away from the bridge.

You didn't really think the entire season would be a cakewalk, did you?

Go Pens.