Second Period Disallowed Goals; Who Is Steve Wagner; And Cake

Well, we’re officially just like Capital fans. But this isn’t our fault. Everywhere you go on the Internet, you see people bitching about this no-goal A.O. thing. From vintage bandwagons at SB NATION to SI columnists, people are flipping out about a second-period goal that was disallowed.  Read this piece from SB NATION:

A suggestion for NHL referees: why not take the time to make a correct decision instead of jumping the gun and hoping to make amends later on?

hahahhahahahhahahahhahahhaahaha.  First sign of a fanboy is some guy thinking he can understand NHL officials.
Surprised the Mottram brothers are entering the mix this early.  We usually don’t see them until about April.
From the SI link, Jim Kelley:

I’ve looked at the replay of the controversial “no goal” that played at least a part in ending the Washington Capitals’ win streak at 14 games on Wednesday night. I’ve read the rule book and the interpretation of the rules that the officials are said to have given to Caps coach Bruce Boudreau.

I think the Caps got jobbed.

Well, shit.  If Jim Kelley read the rule book…

If you want to read a simple, logical recap of the play, real Capital bloggers like JAPERS RINK and ON FROZEN BLOG bring the truth. Really liked ON FROZEN’S stuff because they provided some baseline for why the call was bad.
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Shero made a move Thursday, trading Nate Guenin to the Blues for some guy named Steve Wagner. []
Someone has been jobbing Wagner’s Wiki page all day, saying some unflattering things.
Wagner and Guenin seem like the same person, so whatev.
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From Robin V:

My name is Robin and I’m a big fan of the blog! I decided to send you some pictures. I am no Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes, but I like to play around! The Stanley Cup was for my brother (Nicknamed Woobie) and the Iceburgh for my nephew Sam who is the biggest hockey fan I know. He is 3 and makes up nicknames for all the players like Cooke-ie Monster and Eaton Park and “Hocks” (The action of playing hockey) all day, everyday! He puts himself in the penalty box, throws hats on the floor, and does his own commentary… just don’t ask him to stop to eat lunch (“I’M BUSY HOCKIN!”) Haha Well I hope you all are staying warm! Thanks for entertaining me, especially while I’m snowed it! :) Have a great day!






Go Pens.
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