Say Hey Kunitz City. PENS WIN.

Chris Kunitz does all the little things.
He is one of the best at being in position for the breakout pass in the Pens zone.
He is a plus player.
He pays back opponents that unload big hits on his teammates.
Despite his exploits, Kunitz's name has been popping up
in the headlines and on joke message boards:
Thats why it was all the sweeter when he beat Cam Ward
to secure a win for the Pens in the shootout.
But whoops. It won't even show up on his season stats.
If you're unhappy with Chris Kunitz's production, go to hell.
The World Champs have started the season 6-1.
And people still have to bitch about something.
Suck it.
This win completes a perfect 4-game road trip.
Pens have won their first 5 road games of the season for the first time ever.
MAF is 6-0.






















Plenty of good seats still available. Ouch.
Looks like FSN Pittsburgh isn't the only FSN having issues.
You have 5 seconds to find the error.
[h/t to KF]
Pretty uneventful for the first 10 minutes. Only like one whistle.
Carolina wakes the Pens up when Tumoo Joko steals Kris Letang's identity. Boom.

Solid hit. It was actually nice to see the Pens not go after Ruutu.
Might have been the first real sign of players respecting the instigator rule.
The momentum was building for Carolina after the hit.
But the Pens have been making a living this season on ruining momentum.
Less than a minute after the hit, the sleeping giant was awake.
MAF makes a big save. Al Goli gets it to Malkin, who springs Mike Rupp.
Mike Rupp walks down on Cam Ward. Ward thinks he is going to pass.
Wrong. Rupp goes upstairs.
For the record, we job FSN's production team; not the broadcasters.
Errey breaking down this goal during the first intermission was money in the bank.
Nothing else really happens in the first. MAF was on his shit. People can't get by Jay Mckee.
There's a lot of stuff floating around in G-Mail that we're gonna get to eventually.
Don't forget about our Picasa Web Albums.
-amber h-
jay jacobs
Pens start to impose their will on Carolina in the second. TK gets some chances, but nothing doing.
Finally, Dupes and Malkin break out.
Dupes almost loses the puck and shoves it to Malkin in desperation. Water bottle jumps. 2-0.
I found that if you pretend to take a self picture, and tilt the camera up a bit immediately after a goal,
it provides some great “stunned” faces.  — Mark S.

There is about 11 people in the world that can hit that shot. Just nasty.


Cam Ward started having flashbacks and vomited.

And then our old friend Body By Jake flies in and makes Crosby take a penalty.
Stay away from Brind'Amour, Crysby.
Jake, is that you?
Oh. [ Clears throat ] Hello, Charles.
Um, you look good.
So do you.
Jake, why didn't you call?
Charles, I really don't want to —
Shut your mouth.
Ooh, babe. I've never heard you say that before.
I'm not your babe, homo.
You broke my heart. We had fun during the ECF last year and then you disappeared.
Charles, I —
I saw you took your tag off the pics on my Facebook page.
And you change your cell number?
Charles, I thought you understood.
Understood what?
Charlie, the playoffs were a crazy time.
No one was thinking straight.
You son of a bitch.
–Chris VL
But Tuomo Joko takes a penalty to squash the power play.
The second just meandered along after that. Good hockey, just not a lot to talk about.
Kunitz paid Ruutu back for his hit on Letang.
We're trying to be nice about this Chris Bourque dude.
But we've been more impressed with kitchen appliances.
Only reason we root for him to stay is because if the Pens release him, he will sign with some joke team.
And every time he plays the Pens, he will score a goal. This is going to happen. And none of us can stop it.
Drove 4 hours to the game from Columbia, SC with a friend. Repped tPB on our car and in the game–saw some other people with the "Bring it" sign too. Got back to Columbia at 3am–and I have an exam in an hour. Shit. Totally worth it though. Keep up the awesome work.
Everything was going so well. It was almost too easy.
The Hurricanes finally put three good shifts together, and Eli broke out the cotton gin.
Father Time made a Willis Reed-esque appearance, but he was stabbed in the bathroom.
After things chill out, the Pens get a nice little break-out.
Crosby rolls down the right wing, Guerin takes the middle, and Kunitz is on the far left.
Bing makes a sick pass to Kunitz. Kuntiz touch-pass to Guerin
Just an unreal save by Ward.
Check out Paul Gleason giving up on the play:
Pretty embarrassing.
If you didn't know what was coming next, you probably haven't been watching hockey very long.
Canes start swarming. Puck on net.

Cotton city. 2-2.

Good shit from both goalies after that. MAF had to be on top of everything, and he was.
Both teams get powerplay chances late.
Dupes gets blasted randomly by everyone, but his penalty killing is hard to beat.
Pens powerplay was mud. OT.
Disco goes all-in with Bing and Malkin.
They nearly team up on a sick goal, but Ward stones Malkin for the first time ever.
Canes get a chance — nope.
Back come the Pens.
Just a brillant OT.
Shame it can't go longer.
MAF and Ward exchange saves.
Jussi Jokinen is like 100 out of 100 on shootout attempts. Goal.
Crosby tells Ward to lick his sac. Goal.
MAF stones Tuomstone.
Billy Guerin
MAF save on Pat Verbeek.
Al Goligoski
MAF save on Ron Francis.
MAF save on Robert E. Lee.
The city isn't what it used to be. It all happened so fast. Everything went to crap. It's like everyone's sense of morals just disappeared. Bad economy made things worse. The jobs started drying up. Then the stores had to shut down. Then a black man was elected President. He was supposed to change things. He didn't. As more and more people turned to crime and violence, the town becomes gripped in fear. Dark times.
The city needs protection. There is an animal that lives by night, searches the trashcans and cleans out the garbage. To clean out the trashcan of society, he has chosen to become more than a man. He is the hero this town needs. He is…
The Koon.
+1 for the chick checking a text message on her cellphone.
Boyfriend looks like a Pens fan? Maybe she knew.
[h/t to Roy H.]
He sat there for a good two minutes after the shootout like this. — TheGreek.
–amber H–