Saturday is a Long Time Away

Adam and Derek on WDVE.
We ask, if you are making threats on an individual, please stop.
Sincerely, Derek, Adam, Rick, and Stephen.
This is past the 1:00 deadline.  whatev.

The Pens don't play until Saturday.

Does anyone else think this is a ridiculously long break?

Chicago and Vancouver play on Thursday.

The NHL is already in "CROSBY VS. OVECHKIN" hype mode:


Alexander Semin leads the playoffs in goals and Malkin leads in points.



That Malkin guy you may have heard of was nominated for the Hart Trophy today.
Datsyuk and Ovechkin were also nominated, completing the Russia trifecta.

Empty Netters gives us all the "great news" that the Pens/Caps game on Saturday will be shuffled over to Versus if it goes into overtime.
The Kentucky Derby is scheduled for 4PM on NBC.