Thunder Rolls. PENS WIN

Going into to the third period, it all looked too familiar.
The thoughts of last year's five-game season-saving road trip started to settle in, but for all the wrong reason: Could this five-game road trip be the collapse of this year's Penguins?
Not even close.
The Pens got yet another huge goal from Pascal Dupuis.
And a vintage blast from Sarge Gonchar.

If that goal didn't catapult you out of your seat, nothing will.
MAF was stellar, and the penalty kill came through….and so did the powerplay.
With all the struggles of the powerplay, the penalty kill is this year's best-kept secret.
On the road, under five minutes to play, clinging to a one-goal lead, shorthanded…
the penalty kill again rose to the occasion.
Couple that with the fact that the Pens also got a huge powerplay goal, and you can walk away from this game with a good feeling.
They also won the game without Evgeni Malkin in the third.
He took a shot off his foot and did not return.
And now the Pens head back to New Jersey, for one last game with the Devils.
Bring it.



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Zach S.
Mike Y.
We've been waiting for the hockey gods to release their vengeance upon us.
One minute in, it looked like they had struck us down.
Steve Downie fired the cheap shot heard 'round the world.
Really tired about talking about cheap shots, so, yeah, Downie is a stain.
We have no idea why Paul Steigerwald's reaction is so funny.
Anyone else agree his man-crush on Sidney Crosby has reached incredible new levels?

God that looks horrible.

And fans everywhere on the Internet love it.

The first period was a playoff game from the start.
Really thought MAF was strong.
Malkin got called for some bizarre penalty.
But the Penguins penalty kill is on another level right now.
Antero Niittymaki made a few decent saves, which is surpising because he sucks.
MAF made a huge save on my cousin vinny right before the period ended.
Martin St. Louis and his huge penis set him up.

picture 15

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More of the same shit in the second.
Much like their coach, Tampa Bay played like a bunch of dickbags.
We say that with all the love in the world.
Every time Malkin or Crosby touched the puck, a Tampa Bay player was in their mouth.
What the hell is that lady doing with that sign?
Everything was going along with the teams exchanging scoring chances.
And finally midway through the second, the Lightning got on the board.
Some guy made a nice pass to Vinny, who appeared out of nowhere.


Safe to say, after that, Tampa had the momentum.
But again, MAF was on top of shit.
The Pens started to wake up late in the second.
Some moron shot a stick in the direction of Staal as he was setting up for a shot.
Really stupid penalty.
The Pens started buzzing, and after a mad scramble in front, somehow Nittajokie kept it out.
The period ended.
But after further review, the late scramble was a costly one.
Kris Letang's shot from the point missed the net and nailed Geno right in the foot.
Watch Geno's reaction in this clip:
Not good. Hopefully it is just a bruise or something.
picture 15
Chris DeVivo is the director of Media Technology for the Penguins.
Solid guy.  He just entered the blogsphere at
We strongly recommend reading it,
especially if you want to know about all the sick shit coming to the Consol Energy Center.

Big-time third period, and the Pens start on the powerplay.
Didn't know Malkin was injured, so everyone was stunned.
The powerplay looked pretty good, all things considered.
Poni was insane in front of the net.
The Penguins didn't score, but it was building.
Finally, right after the powerplay was over, Staal wedged one over the net.
It hit the boards, went between Matt Cooke's legs, and came out to Pascal Dupuis.


Thing you didn't think you'd say before the season #34:
Where the hell would the Pens be without Pascal Dupuis.

What a season.
After the goal, Tampa Bay's life fell apart.
They took one penalty after another.
Kurtis Foster boarded someone, and then some idiot shot the puck over the glass.
Poni basically took over from there.
He knocked the puck out of the air entering the zone. Then he outworked two jobbers for the puck.
The puck then found its way to Gonch.
And he dropped a bomb that should have been carried by the Enola Gay.

Why would you leave Gonch all alone?

Just a huge goal.
Tampa was stunned. Things pretty much got insane after that.
Victor Hedman is a dick. No idea what his problem was.
Tenk messed him up a little bit after some dogpile.


After that MAF was gonna have to win the game.
And, like many times before, he did.

Jordan Staal got called for a horseshit penalty with under 5 minutes to play, and the penalty kill was up against the wall.
You want to sit Craig Adams? You sure? He laid his life on the line to block a shot.
Granato greets him on the bench. He's pumped.
The Pens kill it off, and they have to hold the line.
MAF makes one more save.


picture 24
  • Mckee played a solid game. Good move getting him some time. Never know when you're going to need him.
  • Jordan Leopold, another complete game as well. He has to be related to Scuderi.
  • No word on Malkin,
  • Penalty kill – 9th in the league… highest we ever remember it.