Rubin Carter

Before every Carolina fan tells you,
you should know that they are the underdog in the upcoming series.
The team and the fanbase is rallying
around the "us against the world" mentality.
Unfortunately for the Canes and their fanbase,
Sidney Crosby and this Pens team are now in their "world."
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Carolina's season was 1:20 away from ending in New Jersey in Game 7 of the first round.
Then this happened:
In the second round, the #1-seed Bruins toyed with them until overtime of Game 7.
Then this happened:
So it goes without saying that this Canes team would win a street-hockey championship.
Because they know how to play on the road.
A lot of Pens fans wanted the Canes for the sole reason that the Pens would have home-ice.
Home ice is good, and the Pens are fortunate
they'll only have to play in Carolina a maximum of three times.
Why is Carolina such an intimidating place to play?
This is why:
In news that hasn't been too widespread yet, the aforeseen Scott Walker, who scored the OT-game-winner in Boston, has been playing with a heavy heart, as his wife was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer.  CANES COUNTRY
Scott Walker held a press conference to deliver the news about his wife.
People deal with this kind of shit every day;
people that have four kids, work 10 hours a day, and make $35,000 a year.
Trying to win the Stanley Cup and scoring a big goal pales in comparison to that.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is dealing with life-altering issues like this.
Scott Walker included.
Erik Cole  — Brooks Orpik.
The WHOLE situation.
Saturday, March 4th, 2006.
Brooks Orpik later receives a three-game suspension and $10,000 fine.
Erik Cole misses the rest of the season and most of the playoffs.
He comes back to play in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Carolina loses that game.
They win the Cup in Game 7 on home ice.
February 2, 2008.
Erik Cole and Brooks Orpik fight.
Mark Recchi was with the Penguins when the Orpik hit on Cole took place.
Later in the season, Recchi was traded to Carolina.
Orpik wanted to apologize to Cole and asked Recchi to get his phone number.
Cole wouldn't give him the phone number and responded:
"Honestly I probably wouldn't even speak to him," Cole said. "If he feels that it's something that he needs to do for his benefit, he can say it and get it off his chest. I am not looking for any apologies. I am looking forward to playing him again."

When asked why he wouldn't accept an Orpik apology, Cole said, "Why should I? It's a game. He shouldn't have to apologize to me."

Aside from Hurricanes fans buying Kleenexes to cry about the hit,
there's nothing else to say about the situation.
Many people have also pointed out that Orpik also had a major boarding penalty in the AHL,
which is the only reason this box score was found in the depths of the internet:
Brooks Orpik has played in 556 AHL and NHL games.
He has hit two people who didn't know how to skate.
Anything you hear about Brooks Orpik being "dirty" is a witch hunt.
For your own sanity, check out this cheap shot Erik Cole lays on some dude in Germany.
Count how many seconds he has to let up before shouldering the dude without the puck in the jaw.
No place in hockey for that.
Legend has it that The Acid Queen runs this blog.
She has already come out with guns blazing.

Of course, it’s the Pens. Which means that the Orpik incident will be rehashed for the eleventy-billionth time and all the tools are going to come out crying that Orpik is a great guy and would never deliberate piledrive anyone into the boards (despite the fact that he was suspended 10 games for doing the EXACT SAME THING in the AHL). And we’ll get yet more trolls on our blogs and boards and chat rooms–this time though, the trolls will bray about King Sid and the Archangel Marc-Andre and Sergei Gonchar, and we’re not going to win a single game, and whatever other mindless effluvium bubbles up from the depths of their pea-brains and crumb-laden keyboards.

Special delivery for the Queen
Two Brooks Orpik references already on CANES COUNTRY.
And the Idiot Alert is already being sounded.
Check out this screenshot.
Is this really the pic that's gonna be used to show Brooks Orpik's "wildness"?
How about putting the picture into context?
At least find a picture that supports your hollow Orpik argument.
But we probably won't see a more fitting picture until Monday.
Blogger Bubba will be taking Sunday off to watch a Dukes of Hazzard marathon.
The other blogger over at CANES COUNTRY wants people to forgive Orpik.
Housed in the friendly confines of Kukla's Korner.
He sees an even series in his crystal balls
and is taking the Canes because he's a Canes blogger.
As always, what you say on the Internet echoes in eternity.
Here is RBH's immediate reactions to the Orpik hit: 1 2 3 4
We'd link to our immediate reaction…
but we didn't exist yet.
Fans may be concerned with getting revenge on Orpik.
If the Canes themselves have the same mind-set, it'll be Pens in 4.
This just in: Canes fans everywhere think what Scott Walker did to Aaron Ward is okay.
go pens