Ron Cook Is Everything That Is Wrong With This Town


Malkin should be beyond that. He is no kid. He's 23. This is his fourth NHL season. He is a scoring champion, a Stanley Cup champion and a Conn Smythe Trophy winner as playoffs MVP. He shouldn't still need Gonchar to hold his hand through the tough times. It's enough to make you wonder what will happen to him if the Penguins don't do a new contract with Gonchar and allow him to leave as a free agent after the season.

Can you say Jaromir Jagr?

-Ron Cook, PG 1/11/10

If you think we aren't responding to something like this, YOU ARE nuts.
In one column, Ron Cook underscored everything that is wrong with this town. He creates a situation that does not need to be created.  Like so many in the Pittsburgh media, he makes nothing out of something and, in the meantime, starts the much-needed negative energy that sportswriters in this town need in order to survive.
What a disaster. What a shame.
What a mistake.
In his column titled "Sulking won't cure Malkin's Slump," he blisters Malkin.
Quite frankly, he embarrasses him.
See, believe it or not, people read Ron Cook.
And people actually think he knows what he is talking about.
This will fester.
If we have to kill someone over this, we are prepared.
Rob Rossi had an interesting column over the weekend about the powerplay woes. [TRIB]

Hey, don't take my word for it. A rival penalty-killer recently confided that the Penguins' power play is now easy to defend when the puck is on the stick blade of either Crosby or Malkin because "they want to do their own thing."

We can deal with that stuff.  No biggie.
Rossi, love him or hate him, is at every game, every practice.  He knows what's going on.
Whether or not you agree with his opinions is fine, but you can't argue the way he assimilates his facts.
By comparison, Ron Cook doesn't even know where the Penguins practice.
He probably wrote his latest column at the Heinz Field press box or in Hines Ward's locker.
Some highlights of his latest mess:

It's hard to say what is more troubling as the scuffling Penguins fight to get their season back on track — Evgeni Malkin's lengthy goal-scoring slump or the lame way he appears to be dealing with it.

I'm thinking lame all the way.
Ron Cook calling people lame? What a world.

This time, it prompted Gonchar to have what he called "a long meeting" with Malkin last week. Gonchar, a fellow Russian, is Malkin's close friend, mentor and confidante. Apparently, he told Malkin that he can't allow the rest of his game to suffer because he is not scoring goals. At times during this slump, Malkin has seemed to lose focus and has been sloppy with the puck, committing bad turnovers. On more than one occasion, he has compounded those turnovers by immediately taking a silly penalty out of frustration.

Uhh, that is speculation.  Gonchar wouldn't tell Ron Cook shit.
Gonch and Malkin probably got together to talk about how awesome they are, and ate Pop-Tarts.
And now comes this part:

I'm not ready to suggest that Malkin is going to be another Jagr. But it sure would be nice if he could learn a valuable lesson from Crosby. Crosby doesn't blink, doesn't shrink from adversity. He challenges it and fights through it. He's going to have bad games from time to time, but he is never going to beat himself mentally.

How wonderful it will be to be able to say that about Malkin one day.
Give us a fucking break.
Comparing Malkin and Crosby?   No way. Two different players.
And to be fair, wasn't everyone saying the same thing about Crosby last year?   Didn't Crosby struggle last year?
And the Jagr stuff? How long has Cook been waiting for that?
Jagr and Malkin have nothing in common other than playing for the Penguins.
But yet the wheels have been put into motion. When the media helped run Double J out of town so long ago, blogs weren't around.
Not saying it would've made a difference, but we could have had a fundrasier to help pay off Jagr's gambling debt.
We won't stand by and let Ron Cook start this shit. No way.
Malkin has struggled.  We acknowledge that.  But let's slow things down:


— It is January.
Malkin works his ass off. And saying he doesn't know how to deal with adversity?  What about when everyone called him out in the '08 playoffs? What happen in the '09 playoffs?  Yeah, that's what we thought.
–So assists mean nothing?  30 assists?  Interesting.

We could go on and on. But we don't need to do Malkin's talking for him.
His play will.


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Go Pens.