Rockin’ The Gonch. PENS WIN.

Yeah, it's a playoff race. Every game is magnified. We'll look back at this game and say, oh, man, those 2 points were huge, don't touch me there, mom. But we may look back at this game in about 40 days and say, man, we're glad Montreal didn't get a point out of this.
Montreal is in shambles. When this recap went to pixel, the "huge" story hadn't broken yet. But the Habs are in freefall regardless.
We're overly obsessed with this 90-95 points projection to get into the playoffs.
Hopefully, we'll have a magic number this year. You know what that means.
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picture 20
FSN comes roaring out of the gate with some new graphics.
Evidently, something got joked.
Thanks to ERIK

When the puck dropped, it was shocking that Kris Letang wasn't in the lineup. A late and unexpected healthy scratch at this point in the season usually means that player was told to go home and pack a suitcase.

Nothing going on early, but the crowd was all business. If you can't get up for a game against Montreal, you shouldn't have been there.

BGL vs Godard
Weren't these two teams supposed to be entertaining and free-wheeling against each other? Jokes. It was gonna feel good eating these words later.
Somewhere in there, Mike Komisarek wakes everyone up with a devastating hit on Bing, and then the Bing draws a penalty. Are we gonna magnify every PP chance under IHCDB? No. If you're looking for something, you'll find it no matter what.

Killed. Maxime Lapierre tried to start some shit with MAF. Yawn.
Montreal was changing their lines, and Malkin took over. Something as simple as making a player look like a turd at the blue line cannot be taken for granted. If that doesn't happen, the rest of the play doesn't exist. Minard shot. Guess who with the rebound.
Getting in someone's face to take these pics is a huge adrenaline rush.
That dude is pissed. Ole, ole, ole.

The Habs weren't deterred by the goal. They had the Pens chasing themselves on an ensuing trip into the Pens zone, and they hit the pipe. Three weeks ago, that goes in.

TK gets a penalty for doing something.
Montreal sets up shop, but the Pens PK looks good.
Malkin picks some dude behind the net. Unreal play.
Solid period.
But not as solid as the vest someone in C-BLOG spotted.
picture 24
We really are floored by what The Find Michel Therrien A Job Photoshop Expo has brought us so far. Seriously. We aren't kidding. Tried and true PS veterans, along with some newcomers, are leaving it all out on the floor.
Deadline is Sunday.
And don't forget to put your initials on your stuff.
Put "Therrien" in your e-mail somewhere. Why?
That's why. G-Mail is the shit.
picture 21
FSN shows a shot of Mike Yeo before the start of the second. He looked like Chris Jericho.
Kosggldsgtyn boomed a shot at MAF. The velocity of the rebound may have been harded than the shot itself. But there was no Hab to be found. Three weeks ago, it's 2-1 Habs.

Bing started pushing the Pens for a bit. Starts a 3-on-2 and gets jobbed by Price.

The gray area = the place you don't want to turn the puck over. Matt Cooke does it. We don't much about coaching, but you have Malkin flying around like a banshee. Just throw it behind the net.
Kogdknfjstyn leads the charge back, makes a behind-the-back pass to Plekanec.
That's how it's done.
And officially, the game had opened up. The Habs had another chance right away. Somehow that thing didn't go in on the wraparound.
Pens get a chance. Malkin tries to job the glove hand that Bob Errey jobbed all night. No dice.

Then Montreal leads a rush. Bad shot. Malkin heads the other way.
Pass back to Eaton. Eaton to Whitney.
Actual shot on net. Satan gets the deflection.
Satan and Whitney points on the same play.
Montreal said f that and came right back, forcing Brooks to take a penalty.
Mega Powers roll down, but Malkin is offsides, and he flips out.

Satan comes alive and almost causes a scoring chance for the Pens.
On the flip side, Montreal comes down. MAF makes a save.
Sykora gets called for a penalty because the NHL released a new patch.
Bad call.
Scuds gets hit in the face by Plekanec's sick.
No ref sees it. Okay. You knew what was coming.
Talbot slashes Plekanec's stick out of his hands. Have to call it.
Pens still on the penalty kill after that, and they kill it.
Habs were still all over the Pens. And MAF has to make a save.
Buckle up.
picture 24
In our FAQ, we tell potential link-exchangers to keep bugging us until we respond.
GRRRREG is running the THE SOFT EUROPEAN blog.
We never post e-mails people send us without asking them. He was probably crying over the outcome of this game, so we didn't bother asking him. But judging from his e-mail and this photoshop, he's gonna be a daily read.
picture 22
Bing with the pass. Malkin built this city. What a play.
How did he not break both of his legs flying into the boards?
And Fedotenko got the job done. Has he seen any extended play this year with the Mega Powers?

Probably less than 3 minutes later, the Pens were all over the Habs again.

Talbot reminds us he's still on the team. Picks the puck up. Buries it.
Is there anything worse than a team scoring while Barbaro is pumping everyone up announcing a goal? What a weak goal. Or a disgusting shot. 4-3.
Habs come right back. These two teams are unreal.

3-on-2's back and forth, back and forth.

You look up at the clock. 14:00 left.
In the 2008-09 season, that is way too much time.

Montreal stifles the Pens in the neutral zone, and they lead a charge. If there was a three-point line around MAF's net, the Pens would never win a game. 4-4.

If you think people have over-estimated Gonchar's effect on this team, you are wrong.
Three weeks ago, Plekanec scores with 5:00 left. Not tonight.
Okay. "Rah-rah, we love this team" aside, we fully expected the Habs to tie it up.
We had our vomit bowl ready.
Fleury makes a big save on Higgins. Huge, considering how the Habs were feasting on crushing the Pens momentum with quick goals.

MAF makes a huge save on some dude whose names sounds like a pasta.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
When you're scared to death when Tomas Plekanec touches the puck, you know it's bad. Dupuis gives the flying elbow to Price.
Puck stays out.
The remainder of this game is why we watch hockey.
One thing mentioned on the telecast is that IHCDB wants to be way more agressive, and that includes having his defense pinch tons.
It was effective tonight.
Montreal spent the last two minutes in the Pens zone pretty much.
Under a minute. Life on the line. Price goes to the bench.
Gonch almost puts it in his own net.
Pens zone is like Baghdad. Whew.
pack it up, jokes
3 out of 4 possible points so far.
Split the weekend at least.
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