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Rocked The Red. PENS WIN.

"The way I see it, we're up two games to one in this series.
I'd much rather be in the position we're in.
I eat feces."
— Bruce Boudreau after Game 3, paraphrased.
When Bill "Wyatt Earp" McCreary is officiating a game,
you just don't know what you're gonna get.
Actually, you kind of do.
You're not gonna see a lot of penalties called.
And there wasn't in this game.
Of course, we're gonna hear it from Caps fans.
That Boucher garbage before the game-winner was scored was nothing.
Two players collided; one acted like he was shot.
The boos weren't even gone by the time the puck was in the net.
Officiating in overtime is always dicey.
But you just can't trip up someone who has a decent scoring opportunity.
Fedorov should have gotten the penalty, anyway.
The bias the refs had by giving Jurcina the penalty and leaving Fedorov out of the box to potentially score a shorthanded goal was so obvious.
But the Pens overcame it.
The jump doesn't take you straight to anthem pics this time.
These intros are longer than Octo Mom's balls.

"With Ovechkin, that was something where I had talked to Gonch sometime after breakfast. He's just disappointed. He was out most of the year with a shoulder injury. He battled so hard to get back," said Orpik. "He told us this morning to just go out and play. The best way to get back at them is just to beat them in this series. Hearing it from the guy who can't play, I thought it was a pretty good message."
— Brooks Orpik

Disco's decision to roll 7 defensemen and sit Dupuis
was gonna be all the talk if the Pens had lost.
What resulted was a continuous mish-mash of line combos.
Bing double-shifting and setting up people.
Get used to Goligoski running this power play.
He doesn't have the résumé that Letang has.
But he has the confidence that some see lacking in Letang.
Sure, he made a couple mistakes in this one.
So did AO's mom when she didn't use a condom.

And name one Penguin who wasn't all business in this game.
Fedotenko had 10 shots.
Craig Adams is knocking on the door.
Cooke-Staal-Kennedy finally get rewarded.
If this is a series for the ages as it has been billed, we'll be seeing a 7th game.
But it'll all be up to Old Lady Mellon.
If you're going to Game 6, get your mind right.
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http://bloguin.com/thepensblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/05/112.jpg http://bloguin.com/thepensblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/05/122.jpg
tyler, woo, matt, EMPTY NETTERS, ww35mm, bman,
timofee, dick&wayne, timd, tom m, joe, chewy, t-smooth.
From what we've seen and heard, Pens fans were plentiful at the VC for this one.
Nice try, Ted.

Off the opening faceoff, we see Wyatt Earp was gonna be in full force.
Not good for either team.

Then we get the lineups. Dupuis stunned.

Caps all business to start off.
Mike Green gets to take a couple jobs from the point. No dice.

Pens started getting some pressure, then it was job city back and forth.
Semin jobs Gill. PP city.

Goligoski is quarterbacking the unit immediately.
Kunitz gets a solid chance all alone. vomit

Semin got a chance coming out of the box but failed.
job job job.

Scoods probably blocked a shot in there somewhere.
At the end of the first, the Pens were gonna have to kill their own penalty.
And they did, baby. Huge.
dude on the right is lowell, of Buries It signed-jersey fame.
The Hershey Bears (Washington's AHL team) is playing the Baby Pens
at the same time that this Caps-Pens series is going on.
Hershey won the first two at home.
The Baby Pens have come back to win 3 straight.
So bizarre.

Turned out there were gonna be some carry-over penalties from a scrum at the end of the first.
not even sure how this mistake is made.
FSN is our crack dealer. No reason to throw them under the bus.
But have to do it.

To start the second, the VC was dead quiet.
Did they know what was going on?
Whatev job job.
The hits were everywhere.
Kunitz gets eliminated.
Cooke nails Ovie.
There was more Semin on the boards than when Peter North got that job at Home Depot.
Kennedy leads what looks like a meaningless rush.
He feints a dump-in and hits a streaking Satan who gets it to the net.
Maybe it was Satan.  We made that up.  The highlight doesn't go that far back.
Behind the net, it finds Satan again. Out to Staal city. 1-0.

Yeah, Ovechkin ties it. 1-1.
No coincidence that Scoods wasn't on the ice.

The game was headed to the end of the second.
The Pens were coming in droves.

Then because of a bouncing puck, the Pens get a too-many-men penalty.

*Charlie is prepping up for the Yanni concert and can't monitor pics.
You say "not like this" just as the Caps bury it. 2-1.
Buckle up.
My To-Do List:
1. Eat another box of Wheat-Thicks
2. Don't spellcheck my sign.
3. Spend the rest of my life alone.

There definitely was a sense of urgency to start the third,
like that time you had to take a dump when you were doing it.
Fedotenko says wooooooooooo. 2-2.

After the goal, it was all Pens.
They needed that "other one."
And they got it.
Kenedy-Staal-Cooke City. 3-2.
Cooke dives into the glass AO-style.

So the Pens got the other one.
Now they just had to not give up "that one."

Survivorblog. Father Time. Say what you want.
The Pens were gonna have to survive 5 or 6 onslaughts.
They did it for a while.

But not for long.

Bruce Boudreau starts sending Fedorov out there on defense to get that extra skill player.
Solid move.  The Caps keep coming.
AO 3-3.
Oh, what a series.
Not even 30 seconds were gone in the overtime, and both teams already had golden opportunities.
The Caps do some trash.
Some joke can't hit a wide-open net.
The puck goes the other way.
Bing turns a d-man into a woman and makes a power move to the net.
Varmalade goes all Hasek to make the save then fakes an injury.
The bursts of speed Malkin and Crosby showed in this overtime leave us speechless.
Crosby was double-shifting at points in this game and Malkin was everywhere for life.
That was in the 6th and 7th periods of a back-to-back situation in the playoffs.
some players just didn't have that jump
Malkin gets his chance when he decides to split the Caps D.
Fedorov is back there on D for some reason.
Jokecina gets the tripping call.
It was looking like it wasn't gonna happen. Big deal. Nothing new.
At the end of the PP, some joke takes a dive in the Pens zone.

You can just picture yourself as a Caps fan at this game.
If you really want to get into character, try to contract Herpes before continuing to read.
You stand up, your arms spread in manic disbelief.
You're looking at the fallen Cap in the Pens' zone.
Then you're looking at the ref, screaming at him as he skates up ice.
Then you look into the Caps zone just in time to see the red light come on.
Malkin just ended your life.





Goligoski city
Dare we say…

http://bloguin.com/thepensblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/05/144.jpg http://bloguin.com/thepensblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/05/217.jpg
longest jeans of all time
http://bloguin.com/thepensblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/05/231.jpg http://bloguin.com/thepensblog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/05/241.jpg
not even sure who is in this pic.
  • Go ahead. Try and job Satan somehow. Ain't happening.
  • Poor Sykie. Poor Dupuis.
  • Varmalade's star is waning.
  • Fedotenko: 10 shots. Primetime player.
  • We messed up our website's template somehow.  No clue.

What a game… Tonight, for the first time, my best friend and I decided to join the NYC Pens meetup group you guys have posted about. After e-mailing the coordinator, we met up with them all at a bar named Foley's. It was in such a convenient location too, just blocks away from Penn Station. As I walked in, the man at the door saw my shirt, smiled, and said, "Straight to the back." As I got closer I was really stunned, there were SO many pens jerseys, t-shirts, and hats. There were at least 7 large, flat screen TVs to watch the game on. After the first period, the girl that was in charge (pretty much) came over to me and my friend to introduce herself, and make us feel welcome. She was a Pittsburgh native, and like every other person I have ever met from Pittsburgh, extremely nice. The atmosphere was incredible, and the place erupted with each Pens goal. High fives all around, hugging strangers, it didn't matter. It was such a phenomenal way to watch a game, and sure beat watching it on my couch with my parents telling me to stop yelling. After the win, we were introduced to all the "regulars" and encouraged to come back on Monday. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and happy to see more Pens fans from the area. They told us all about the group, and how they all see the Pens together when they play any of the three local teams. I can't wait to go back, and to catch a game with them next season… Thanks so much for posting about this group…


Video of the aforementioned Foley's after the game-winner:


go pens man