* We are working on putting a print option for your bracket.
As it stands, printing just shows the logos.
* The bracket-sharing system is coming along nicely.
Yeah, it sucks we didn’t have more time to get feedback from people
and implement what people wanted.
Next year, we won’t have to say that because it will be unreal.
As you can tell from the banner at the top of the site, we have met our $10,066 goal.
How is that even possible?  What a performance.
Remember, though, Christopher Columbus didn’t reach the New World and stop.
He went and killed the natives.
Same thing applies here.
No reason to stop.
We have been notified of the prizes.
Remember, first-place finisher gets their choice.
Then the second-place finisher gets their choice.
Then the third. Then the fourth.
The fifth person got picked last in kickball as a kid.
1) — Autographed Mario Lemieux jersey

2) — Autographed Maxime Talbot jersey

3) — Four Penguins Igloo Club game tickets for one 2009-2010 game.

Game selected from available options.
** See Below
4) — Gary Roberts unsigned practice-used stick

5) — Mario Lemieux Celebrity Invitational gift bag.

L or XL shirt sizes in bag available.
** These tickets are the only prize that is pretty much dependent on where you live.
We understand that.
If you’re not a Pens fan and/or don’t live in Pittsburgh,
we will attempt to negotiate a prize with you if you end up with this choice.
We, the Pensblog, will buy you tickets to a game of your home team next season.
We can’t go big-time premium seats, but we’ll hook you up somehow.
We saw rumblings on the internet of people
sticking their nose up at potential Penguins-based prizes.
Lemieux signed jersey — If you would complain about getting that,
then it’s a miracle you finished in the Top 5 of Rinko.
Talbot signed jersey — Some joke from Washington may “get stuck” with this.
Fill out your bracket better next time, joke.
Gary Roberts stick — See Lemieux jersey explanation.
Invitational Gift Bag — Free clothes, dude.