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Pens championship rings.
They got them last night in some ceremony.

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Also, Rick mentioned the Pens signed former wild dman Martin Skoula to a contract earlier on Tuesday.

Minnesota blogger [Deuce by Definition] gave us his thoughts.

For the masses who don’t know of Martin Skoula, aside from the “puck poise” jokes, he was terrific for us (the Minnesota Wild) last year, and has become a real solid, defensive defenseman. He’s also a guy who can step into a top 4 role in a pinch and not look out of place, and the more minutes he gets the better he is. He’s not Bobby Orr, but he’ll chip in occasionally on offense. Real strong on his skates, and very durable. Dude is a rock, he just doesn’t get hurt.

Exactly the kind of guy you need on your blueline, because injuries/illness/etc. is bound to happen.

We have to agree. A vintage Shero move. We like it even more because it means that Bayda dude probably ain’t making the team now even though Shero signed him. He probably did it on the behest of Letang to pay Bayda back for that throat shot in the ECF.

Go Pens

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