Report: Shero About To Go NWO On Defense

uhh pretty sure there will be way more NWO references coming. Just got lost on youtube for about two hours watching NWO shit. jesus what fun times.



So anyway, very interesting report from Rob Rossi in Sunday's paper.[TRIB]

Make no mistake, though; the Penguins have assessed what prevented them from advancing past the second round last season, and they've resolved to be better on the blue line next season and beyond.

Lots of other great things in the article, including a tidbit about Shero personally talking to Gonch.
This is def a curveball because everyone thinks the Penguins are going for Wingers for Malkin and Sid. But maybe this is a better idea.
Look at the 09' Penguins top two pairings. Gonch/Orpik and Scuds/Gill. You think for a second with the money they paid Fedotenko that the Pens wouldn't have rather paid extra to keep Scuds or Gill?
This is an interesting new twist, and maybe it makes sense. Because no joke, if the Pens somehow get Gonch back, and add Hamhuis. That is a big time defense. No question.
Rossi makes good points for the time in awhile saying that Crosby did have a pretty good season. Not sure how you can do much better than 51 goals. Malkin had an off year by his standards, but thats not going to happen again.
And really the Pens didn't have problems scoring. The defense was not up to the challenge this year. This could also be a sign that Eric Tangradi is ready to roll.
So yea the plot thickens for sure. Give us some projected lines in cblog to work with.

Go Pens