Report: Pens trade for Alexei Ponikarovsky all over this.
Looks like Caputi and Skoula are on their way to Toronto.
Ponikarovsky is a left handed, 29 year-old forward.
He is a UFA after the season.  He is making $2.5 million this year.
Looks like this is a guy to park in front of the net on the PP.
Bylsma better have Poni already gift-wrapped for Geno's line.
If Poni is given to Sid, Malkin will be like wtf
His stats:
DOWN GOES BROWN weighs in:
The good: Ponikarovsky is a big winger with decent hands. But he'll use his size to win battles and he's one of the only Leafs who's willing to go to the net. He's not a skill guy by any stretch, but every now and then he'll score a beauty and sucker you in to thinking he's the real deal. His nickname is "Pony" which will be great if your newspaper headline writers love terrible puns as much as they do in Toronto

The bad: Even though he's big, he's not what you'd call a power forward — he doesn't really hit and almost never fights, although he does hold the distinction of being the only Leaf to ever lose a fight to Rob Ray. He's just OK defensively. He's inconsistent, but so is everybody on the Leafs so it's hard to hold that against him.

He's also one of those Europeans who always kind of looks like he's wearing lipstick, which doesn't really impact his play but is kind of unnerving.

Bottom line: A slightly poor man's Nik Antropov. With the Leafs, he was an underrated 20-25 goal guy. With the Pens, I wouldn't be surprised to see him get 30 in a full season. That's if he resigns, of course — my guess is he's in line for a Matt Stajan-level contract.

If I had to describe him in one word: "solid". Plenty of teams have won Cups with guys like Poni on their second line. He's a good pickup for the Pens.