Red Wings Fans Are So Cute When They’re In Denial

Rob Rossi, whose haircut defies the laws of physics, inked a delectable column recently. The title: History not on Red Wings side.

We weren’t really surprised it was given its own post on Paul’s Kukla’s Red Wing Blog Kukla’s Korner. [ KKK ]
The Chief at A2Y picked up on the story (because his Wings had won the night before, therefore he did not completely disappear for an undetermined amount of time), and decided to lump Pittsburgh fans in with the media.  Bizarre logic, but you got to do what you got to do.
With Lidstrom only having one ball left, it takes less time for Wings bloggers to lick the region thoroughly, freeing up time to type some posts, trying to convince themselves that their Mighty Wings are still relevant.   So we end up with bloggers who say other people have an inferiority complex…while incessantly whining and moaning about the team that beat the Second Best Team In The NHL in the Finals.
As far as we’re concerned, the Pens have the title belt.
Penguin bloggers can talk about whatever we want.
<Detroit-esque Arrogance> And honestly, we’re bored with the Pens winning so much already, we need to come up with posts about opposing teams in order to entertain ourselves. </Arrogance>
Hossa abandoned a sinking ship.
Franzen will be injured for the rest of his contract.
Zetts and Dats are past their prime.
Their goalies are still learning Be A Pro controls. (Pens4Evar)
Wings fans like The Chief are backed into a corner.
They don’t know what to do.
So they come out and fire shots at familiar foes to feel safe again.
We don’t even know what to say to this stuff anymore.  We’ll just sit back this year
and watch the achieving (not underachieving) Wings speak for everyone.

Classless Wings fans, refusing to honor Gary Bettman, our hero.
go pens