“I think Next Game I Will Score.” PENS WN

“I think next game I will score,” he said. “After that, I can start feeling better and better every game.”
Malkin, in an interview with the [trib] Saturday December, 12.
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If you read that Trib article, you get a little more in depth stuff about how Malkin thinks he is in a slump.
He basically said, he is trying for the perfect shot, and he has to stop.
That is what good players are about. To jobber fans, they just think if you shoot the puck on net, it will go in. To a superstar like Malkin he wants to put it top shelf, he wants to destroy the goalie by saying that I can put it anywhere I want to.



No idea why this photoshop is here, but it was funny.

Players go through little funks throughout the NHL season, it is natural. The goal of the NHL season is to be firing on all cylinders by like March. As the playoff get closer, the real players rise. If anything we all should be pumped.
Malkin is fine toning his game, the Pens survived a injury scare, and they still are near first place in the conference.
Guys like Dupes, and Rupp have helped the Pens through. How good has Dupuis been?
And things are about to pick up.
The next eight games:
That is a business schedule. The Pens could nearly bury the Flyers, and we all know the Flyers are looking at those games as games that could save their season. The Sens are playing well, and the Sabres and Devils are the Pens main competition in the East right now other than the Caps.
We apologize for the lack of a recap, but we have been stuck at southpointe all morning thanks to Mother nature being on her period.
So whatev
go Pens.
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