We have developed RINKOTOLOGY. It will be an online NHL playoff bracket promotion that will give anyone any chance to predict the NHL playoffs.

For a while now, we have been thinking about great ways
to raise money for the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

As we ask the Pens fans community to give back, we are happy to announce that will also be involved in the efforts to raise money.

So, we are throwing out a call to arms.

Scrape some cash together, whether it is pennies, quarters, 20 bucks or 100 bucks,
to help us donate as a Pensblog community.

Our goal is to raise $10,066 dollars for the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

We will be offering prizes such as a signed Lemieux jersey,
four tickets to a Pens game next year, and much more.

If we only raise $500 bucks, Mario will sell the Pens.

Now, this is only a suggested donation.
Read again.

Suggested donation. If you don't want to donate to the foundation,
you're still more than welcome to participate in the bracket.

And you will still be eligible to win the prize packages.

But you will be a joke.
The full details of the brackets will be released on Sunday night.

The brackets will close at 4pm,on April 15th,
so we want to open the donation process ASAP.

We will have a meter to track the progress of the donation until we close the brackets on April 15th, the meter will be up sometime tomorrow.

But lets get this going now.

You can donate in two ways to the Lemieux foundation.

Via Paypal.

You can follow this link to the special set up:
If that link fails,  MLF's paypal address is

mail your checks to:
Mario Lemieux Foundation
50 Abele Road, Suite 1001
Bridgeville, PA 15017
Please make your checks out to "Mario Lemieux Foundation."
Do it.