Shorthanded Backbreaker. PENS LOSE.


Games in Montreal always have a special feel to them.
This definitely felt like a regular season game as opposed to a preseason one, especially with the line-ups involved.

Long powerplays are always pivotal points in hockey games.
Sometimes they give a team up a man the chance to score a couple of goals and blow the game open.
Sometimes killing a crucial penalty can energize your team.
And sometimes, like in game four against Detroit, a shorthanded goal is a backbreaker.

That's what happened in Montreal.


All by Carroll T

We're welcomed to the game by Pierre McGuire. Almost instantly we get a sinking feeling in our stomachs.

John Curry is in net for the Pens. Carey Price for Montreal.

The Habs have a ridiculously huge, amazing jumbotron above center ice.

In the first 30 seconds Bing gets a great chance from one knee. On the next shift Geno gets a chance of his own.
Watching those two play "Can You Top This?" all season is going to be fun.

Simon Despres' parents are in attendance. Pierre McGuire spends a good five minutes talking about how great Kris Letang is.

It definitely doesn't feel like a preseason game. At the halfway mark of the period, the hitting starts.

Both Curry and Price come up big early.

McGuire mentions that some Hab has "a million dollar body."

He also insists on calling Dan Byslma "Danny" on every mention. Oh Pierre, you're so close to the team!

The TSN announcers also talked about the Crosby/season ticket holder story.
Unfortunately they told it wrong.
In their version Alice heckled Sid during the summer of 2008, telling him that the Pens weren't going to win the Cup. In response, Sid brought the Cup over to shove the victory in her face.


What actually happened was that she told Sid in 2007 that he probably wouldn't win the Cup that season, but maybe the year after.
She was right and Sid brought her the Cup.

There's a frantic scramble in front of the Penguins net. Rebound city. 1-0.
Three fires are set in downtown Montreal.

The Pens put on the pressure at the end of the period, but Carey Price stands tall.


The Pens keep the pressure on the start the second.

After several point shots Gonchar gets one through and scores. 1-1.

Pierre mentions that Sarge is "more than just a hockey player. He's a great father, a lover of the arts and he loves music."
Sorry Pierre, he still won't sleep with you.

Lovejoy shoots the puck over the glass and gets a delay of game penalty. McGuire calls that a "new rule."
Apparently Crosby and Malkin are "new players" because they've been in the league as long as that rule.

The Pens kill off the penalty. Lovejoy comes out of the box and gets to the Malkin. 2-1.

McGuire yells about how the Habs "cannot miss the net" towards the end of a powerplay, as if the player consciously tried to miss the net and have the rebound go to Lovejoy.

Malkin spends the next several minutes dominating. McGuire spends the next several minutes talking about Latendresse having "a huge body."

Orpik dishes out some free candy and destroys Pacioretty.  As Orpik leaves the ice his icy glare turns to an evil smile. Seven people in the front row have heart attacks.  Caputi gets a penalty for holding.

The penalty is killed.

Montreal gets some pressure. Simon Despres plays the role of Rob Scuderi and blocks a few shots. Despres is definitely impressive.

Guerin and Crosby come in on a two-on-one. Spacek high sticks Sid in the face and gets four minutes.
McGuire freaks out, yelling that Guerin should have shot the puck there. Obviously Pierre McGuire is in the position to be second guessing Bill Guerin and his two Stanley Cups.

The first minute and a half of the powerplay is uneventful. The period ends.


McGuire brings up "handshakegate" to start the third. He says that Sid was waiting for the scratched Penguins players to get into their equipment so they could celebrate on the ice with the team. Kris Draper does not accept that and he wants the Stanley Cup handed over to him as payment for Bing's sin.


The Pens are still on the powerplay.
Things completely fall apart as Gionta and Gomez come into the Pens zone shorthanded. Gomez scores. 2-2.
Four police cars and two buses are flipped over in front of the Bell Centre.

The Habs keep the pressure on. Curry stands tall. The Montreal fans stop singing long enough to boo an offside call.

The Pens fall apart again and Latendresse scores. 3-2.
Guy Lafleur is set ablaze in celebration.

It gets worse. Gionta again. 4-2.

The Habs win the Stanley Cup have the lead in a preseason game.

Brooks Orpik continues his quest for the Art Ross Trophy with some strong work near the net. He kicks the puck to his stick and dishes it to Sid. No dice.

Godard gets called for a penalty. The Pens kill it.

Cammalleri charges to the net and he tackles Curry in the process. The fans boo the obvious interference call because they're so knowledgeable.

Boom. Letang to Guerin. Goal. 4-3.

McGuire also insists on always saying "Billy" Guerin.

Curry makes a big save with just over a minute left. The Pens pull him for an extra attacker.
It doesn't happen.

Habs win. A significant portion of the Bell Centre is destroyed. McGuire barely escapes the ensuing bloodbath.

  • Simon Despres had a very good game.
  • Curry did what he could. A few defensive lapses let him down.
  • Malkin and Crosby are unreal. To see them put in this kind of effort in a preseason game is amazing.
  • Pierre McGuire needs to calm down.
  • A very different line-up will play tonight in Toronto.
  • This was as exciting as a preseason game gets