Red Wings Lead Series 3-2

Mellon Arena

"When you play Pittsburgh, you play the entire city."

— Howard Cosell

Tonight the Stanley Cup could be won.

For the second year in a row the Detroit Red Wings could skate hockey's most treasured prize around Mellon Arena ice.
Marian Hossa – with the Stanley Cup over his head – could smile as the crowd boos, knowing he made the right decision.
Chris Osgood could win the Conn Smythe Trophy.

A lot of our worst nightmares could come true tonight.

But none of that matters.
Because that isn't what tonight is about.
The Pittsburgh Penguins will not play this game hoping to prevent Detroit from winning the Cup.
They will not play to spite Marian Hossa.

Tonight they will play with only one thought in mind.
They will play to give themselves a chance to win the Cup.

It doesn't matter who the opponent is.
It doesn't matter how vomit-inducing a trophy presentation could be tonight.
All that matters to the players wearing black and gold is winning the Stanley Cup.

That is all that has always mattered.

Was it nice to defeat the hated Flyers?
Of course it was.
Did it feel good to show up "the greatest player in the NHL by far" in his own rink?

But those things were never the ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal weighs 34 1/2 pounds and is inscribed with the names of some of the greatest players in NHL history.

This isn't about preventing the Red Wings from winning.
This is about winning ourselves.


Petr Sykora could play tonight.

Mario Lemieux offered his advice to the team yesterday

Speaking of Lemieux, he was drafted 25 years ago today.

There was a rally this afternoon downtown.

Dan Cleary will play tonight.

There are no line-up changes for the Red Wings.




Tonight could very well be the last Stanley Cup Final game in Mellon Arena history.

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins could earn the right to play one more game, with the greatest prize in the sport on the line.

If you are in the arena, you know what you have to do.


How absolutely awesome would it be for a "LETS GO PENS" chant to start up almost two hours before the game?

The Pittsburgh Penguins will be in their locker room before the game.

They will be able to hear you.

This is worth saying again:

"Right as the teams are shaking hands, a Fleury chant can be heard. Emrick even says something about it.
And one thing we failed to mention in Game 5's wake:
Right before the game, Wings fans started an "Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie" chant for Chris Osgood.
Pretty unreal for a goalie coming off a joke four-goal performance.
We saw this being kicked around Cblog, so it got us to thinking.
If you are going to the game, get a Fleury chant going.
Even if it is two people. Even if it is one. Why not? What could it hurt?
Tell everyone about it.
Treat this as the last home game of the season. 'Cause it is.
MAF has the world on his shoulders tonight.
And maybe, just maybe he'll feel the power."




"Hey guys,

As I'm sure you heard, Bylsma goes to the Qdoba on Grant & 6th for lunch after practice. I work downtown, so a few buddies and I went down there for lunch today. We got interviewed by Channel 4 while we were waiting in line, and then ended up sitting at the table next to Bylsma and his family. When Bylsma came and sat down, he set a piece of paper on his table that had the "YES WE CAN" with the cup in the background picture that you guys made. I'm assuming someone gave it to him, but it was still pretty sweet to see him carrying around the picture.

Go Pens!



We debated who to go with for gameday for hours.


Hacksaw is worn down from the long playoff run.
We need to stay alive, but the Bee Gees are in a major slump.
Phil Collins was a possibility, but not tonight.

No, tonight we need a hero.

Tonight we need energy.
We need passion.
We need drive.

There's really only one place to find that.


Do It.

Be Loud.

Go Pens.