Series Tied 3-3


Joe Louis Arena

The Stanley Cup is going to be won tonight.

After everything that both of these teams have been through, tonight is the end of the line.
The Pittsburgh Penguins have not been this close to a Stanley Cup in 17 years.
Sidney Crosby was four years old.

This is one game.
Winner take all.
The hopes and dreams of two franchises and their fans are on the line tonight.

If you need someone to get you hyped up for this game, you're probably dead inside.

If anything, you probably need calming down.


Most of us have probably spent the entire day reading, watching or thinking about the Pens.
We've heard the statistics.
We've read the history.
We've watched press conferences and interviews.
We've listened to expert predictions.

This is the last game of the season.

The Stanley Cup is going to be won tonight.

Nothing you've heard or read will matter tonight.
Because tonight's game will not be won in the newspaper.
It will not be won with historical facts.
There is no statistic in the world that can accurately predict tonight's winner.

If you're old enough to have been watching in 1992, stop and think about how you felt the night the Penguins raised the Cup.

In '92 you had just watched the Penguins sweep the Chicago Blackhawks.
You had watched them win 11 games in a row.
You had seen two straight Stanley Cups head to Pittsburgh.
There wasn't a thought in your mind that told you it would be 17 years before the Penguins had that chance again.

That's what tonight is.
Tonight is the chance that every person associated with the Penguins organization in any manner has been waiting for for 17 years.

These chances don't come often.

So you have to seize them when they do.



Tonight you are going to witness what two teams play like when they have nothing left to lose.

There is no next round to save up energy for.
There is no reason to give anything less than everything you have.
Every ounce of energy and every drop of sweat will be used up tonight.

This is it.

One game with the Stanley Cup on the line.

The team that is able to provide that effort will win tonight.

Not the team with the best home ice record.
Not the team with the top goal scorers.
Not the team with the loudest fans or the nicest city.

None of that matters.

"The Cup is all I want. I will give 120 percent. I will give everything.

"One win. The Cup. After that I will talk. I will do anything. One win first."

Evgeni Malkin





"Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Go Pens. Da, da, da, dadada – charge!"

Alyssa Milano on Twitter



This is it.

Every blog post, every Photoshop, every nickname and every chant has been leading up to this.

This is why we have a blog.
This is why you visit.

For this moment.

For this chance.

As fans we've bought jerseys and t-shirts.
We've printed out signs and made giant banners.
We've stayed up late and we've travelled to different cities and strange arenas.
We've spent hours upon hours of our lives being fans.

And all for this moment.

Game six was about us.

It was about inspiring Marc-Andre Fleury with chants.
It was about filling that oldest arena in the NHL with cheers.
It was about coming together as fans with one common goal.

Tonight is game seven.

Tonight is all about them.

Do it.

Bring it home.

Go Pens.