Red Wings Lead Series 2-1

Mellon Arena

One Year Ago
June 4th, 2008

Mellon Arena

On the surface, the story looks the same as last season.
Game One: Won by the Detroit Red Wings.
Game Two: Won by the Detroit Red Wings.
Game Three: Won by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

This is where the story changes.
It changes because the similarities are only on the surface.
Last year the Pittsburgh Penguins were horribly outplayed in games one and two.
Last year the Pittsburgh Penguins didn't understand how to play against the Detroit Red Wings.
Last year the Pittsburgh Penguins were lucky to stretch the series to six games.
It's different this year.

[Joe and AJ]

Pavel Datsyuk skated with the Red Wings this morning, but it doesn't look like he will dress for tonight's game.

Darren Dreger of TSN has a few interesting tidbits on his blog:

"Sidney Crosby, a details guy, is frustrated with his play so he spent some extra time Wednesday watching videos, looking at the finer points of what the Penguins weren't doing well as a group. He pulled teammates Bill Guerin and Chris Kunitz together for a 45-minute video session and those three guys painstakingly went through every shift that Crosby played – including the shifts where they weren't on the ice. But that's just preparation and no one who knows Crosby is surprised by that, he pays strict attention to detail."

He also mentions that the Red Wings are still upset about the "too many men non-call."
They're saying that "Dennis LaRue, who was one of the two veteran referees on the ice, was allegedly yelling at the Penguins players to get off."

In other "news" the Onion takes a look at the Stanley Cup Final:

"As the Stanley Cup Finals continue, Penguins and Red Wings fans alike are urging their teams to spare their beleaguered cities the expense of a championship victory."





You can't go back in time.
You can't change history.
No matter how badly we all wish the Pittsburgh Penguins would have won the Stanley Cup last year, that didn't happen.

One year ago the Detroit Red Wings walked out of the Mellon Arena with the Stanley Cup.

It sucked.

But we can't change it.

June 4th, 2008 is history.

June 4th, 2009 is today.

We can do something about today.
We can stop history from repeating,

Today the Detroit Red Wings will walk out of the Mellon Arena with their heads hung down.

Today the Pittsburgh Penguins show that they have grown.
Today they show that they have improved.
Today they create their own destiny.



If you're in the arena, be loud.

Do it.

Go Pens.