Tonight the final two games of round one will be played.

7:00 PM/ET

7:30 PM/ET

The Penguins' round two opponent will be decided by these two games.
If Washington and New Jersey win, the Penguins head to Boston.
If Washington and Carolina win, the NHL marketing machine goes into overdrive as the Pens will play in Washington.
The Rangers and the Hurricanes winning brings the Canes to Mellon Arena.
Wins by New York and New Jersey have the Pens facing the Devils on the road.

Not one of those match-ups will be easy.

No one expected easy. It's the playoffs.

Both game sevens tonight will be filled with action and drama.

In one game you have Alex Ovechkin versus Henrik Lundqvist and the three ring circus that the New York Rangers have become with Tortorella and Avery.
In the other game you have two great goalies in Martin Brodeur and Cam Ward battling for survival.  It's two bad these two teams are from New Jersey and Carolina and thus national media coverage has been sparce.  There's been some great hockey in this series.

No matter which teams win, it's obvious that the quality of the Eastern Conference teams has greatly improved this year.
It's going to be an exciting second round.


There are some interesting quotes in it, including these:

"A guy like [former Penguins teammate] Ryan Malone, if he had to do it all over again, he'd take a lot less to stay here," Orpik said. "I know at the trade deadline, he was begging to come back here.

"A lot of the guys who have left feel that way. The older guys — Gary Roberts, Darryl Sydor, Mark Recchi — used to tell me we have something special here. I think the commitment level — the camaraderie level — that this group of guys has is unique in sports."


It's amazing where readers have managed to get Pensblog signs.

Photo gallery on Penguins.NHL.com

"here are some pics I took during a trip in Inuit and Cree communities in northern Quebec.
my contribution to the YES WE CAN campaign, in Inukjoke, Qc (shores of the Hudson Bay) :
Window painting at the kindergarten in the Cree community of Chisasibi, Qc (near James Bay). It's so sick to see a Pens logo in such a remote community!
Thanks for making me an addict to the blog and keep up the good work!"

"Two of my good friends are teachers at a local Middle School. They wanted to do something with the students and the 'Do It'/'Yes We Can' posters. Originally they wanted to use the Do It poster but thought against letting Charlie run wild in their school. So attached is the outcome. Hope you enjoy. GO PENS!"

(This is not a school of faceless zombies.  The kids' faces have been blurred because they're minors.)

Thought you might get a kick out of this picture. This is me with the yeswecan poster on Victory Base in Baghdad, Iraq. I work in the Multinational Corps-Iraq Provost Marshal (Military Police) Office. I have one posted on my wall inside the building as well as the wallpaper with Sid and Geno. Thanks for a great Blog. I don't make it to the site every day, but I look forward to the days when I will have five minutes to read a post or two. Lets Go Pens!




For those who have been asking, "Yes We Can" stickers are now available in Storeblog.
There are shirts and posters in there too.
Stephen S. is awesome.
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Thanks, guys.
There is an UNREAL suprise coming early Wednesday morning.
It's epic.