Penguins Lead Series 2-0

3:00PM – Wachovia Center

You have to wonder what the referees will do to hand the game to the Penguins today.
Because, obviously, the league wants Cindy Crysby to win the Stanley Cup.
Maybe the referees will create brand new penalty calls just to hurt the Flyers.
Maybe they'll change the rules so Crysby is awarded goals for complaining to the refs.
The NHL hates the Philadelphia Flyers.
The poor, innocent Philadelphia Flyers just want to play hockey fairly and by the rules.
They want to display a kind of technical skill that Cindy Crysby could never match.
And the referees won't let them.
It's really not fair that they let their poster boy ruin the league.
Crosby sucks.
Crosby sucks.
Crosby sucks.

It was clearly the NHL's fault that the Flyers went 4-5-1 to close the season and lose home ice advantage.
The referees clearly caused Jeff Carter to miss an open net in game two.  Marc-Andre Fleury had nothing to do with that.
The NHL has obviously refused the Flyers' attempts to sign a solid goaltender.
Gary Bettman placed a blood clot into Kimmo Timonen's leg last year that caused him to miss most of the Eastern Conference Final.
We all know that if he were healthy the Flyers would have swept the Pens.
The NHL just hates the Philadelphia Flyers.
It's not fair.

"I didn't see the refs yelling at their bench at all. Not one time. And I could see them coming over to our bench a few times . . .. It makes you wonder why, but that's for others to judge."

"You see Crosby and these guys going to the refs and talking to them. It looks like they talk to them back, and when we go talk to them, they yell at us."

Kimmo Timonen


Not a word from NBC on the big screen situation.
Apparently they believe saying nothing is the way to win a PR battle.
Perhaps their advertisers feel differently.
For those sick of NBC's broadcasts Canadians, CBCSports.ca is streaming the game live.




You can't spend more than five minutes on the Internet without hearing a Flyers fan complain.
The Penguins are favored by the NHL.  The draft lottery was fixed so Crosby would come to Pittsburgh.
Gary Bettman wants Crosby to win the Cup.  The NHL hates Philadelphia.
The Penguins complain too much.

We've heard enough of this.
Stop talking.  Play hockey.
And maybe, just maybe, spend your time cheering for your own team instead of starting chants directed a player who reportedly "sucks."

Sidney Crosby has three goals and seven assists in seven playoff games against Philly.
He has 46 points in 26 regular season games.


Game one was Easy Street.  Game two was tougher.
Game three will likely be even tougher.

If the Flyers could have picked up a point against the Rangers in the last week of the season, we would have started the series here.
The crowd is going to be obnoxious.
The "Orange Crush" from "The Most Intimidating Fans In Hockey" will be there.
So will the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have won six of the last seven playoff games against the Flyers.

Some pictures are just begging to be Photoshopped.


"They're like locusts. They're moving from planet to planet… their whole civilization. After they've consumed every natural resource they move on… and we're next. Nuke 'em. Let's nuke the bastards."

Gentleman, lets plow the road.
Do it.