7:00PM – Mellon Arena

If this game had any additional hype it would explode.
The Pens hate the Flyers.
The Flyers hate the Pens.
After days of talk tonight is the time for action.

Last year means nothing.
The season series means nothing.
Flyers bloggers who still think "Cindy Crysby" is witty mean nothing.

All that matters is that the playoffs are here.

A few months ago no one thought we would be here.
We are.
Fans of the 29 other teams in the league were licking their lips at the thought of a monumental collapse by the Pittsburgh Penguins.
They didn't get one.

Now it's time to show them what we can do.

We need sixteen wins.
Two more than last year.

Today Fitz posted this in C-Blog:
That defines "unreal."


There isn't much anyone needs to say at this point.
If you don't know what the journey will be like from here on, you only started watching hockey last week.

Pens fans are prepared.  The signs are made.
The giant screen outside the arena is assembled.
The crowd is forming.
We've been listening to a "Boys of Winter" MP3 for most of the day
Flyers fans can make this series about the referees and Gary Bettman all they want.
Pens fans know the action on the ice is what matters.

"The Penguins survived a short scare when forward Petr Sykora left the ice in obvious pain. Sykora hobbled down the runway to the Penguins locker room with head athletic trainer Chris Stewart. After a few minutes, while the team was huddled around interim head coach Dan Bylsma, Sykora returned to the ice. Evgeni Malkin welcomed his linemates return by tapping his stick on the ice, inspiring the rest of the team to tap their sticks in Sykora's honor. Sykora raised his arms in mock celebration to let his teammates know he was appreciative. Sykora finished the practice session and is OK."

Chris Kunitz missed practice today due to his wife going into labor.
He will play tonight.


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