Penguins Lead Series 3-1

7:00PM – Mellon Arena

This could be it.  
Just like last year the Penguins have the chance to finish off the Philadelphia Flyers at Mellon Arena.
Last year the Pens won the fifth game 6-0.
There's no way that's happening this year.

But, no doubt about it, there isn't a single person in the Penguins organization that wants to go back to Philly for game six.
Game six would be an afternoon game at the Wachovia Center.
It would be shown on NBC and the big screen would be blacked out.
There isn't a thing about that scenario that looks even slightly temping to the Pens.

A win tonight stops all of that from happening.

Of course, the big news is that Petr Sykora will watch tonight's game from the press box.

In our recap of game five against the Red Wings last year, we wrote this:


We all know what happened next.


Tonight, our prophecy comes true:


Satan scores.



He looked to be injured near the end of game four.

Phillipe Boucher will take his spot in the lineup and should play alongside Gonchar.

Current Stats:

The Post-Gazette has a good piece on how the staff at the Mellon Arena deal with the old building.

Hopefully the crowd comes ready to cheer.
A solid white Mellon Arena filled with twirling towels and screaming fans would definitely pump up the Pens.

A win tonight isn't going to be easy.
The Flyers are fighting for their lives.
The Penguins need to match their intensity.



This needs to end tonight.

Do it.