Series Tied 2-2

7:00PM – Verizon Center

Of course, the big news today is Sergei Gonchar.
HCDB told the media that Gonchar would be a game-time decision.[PG]
The Penguins have recalled Alex Goligoski who will likely dress tonight regardless of Gonchar's status.[Pens.com]
If Sarge can play then the Pens will probably dress seven defensemen as insurance.

[TSN.ca ] is reporting that Gonchar will miss several weeks and could be out for the rest of the season.
Gonch's agent, J.P Barry went nuts on A.O.

''We now have Exhibit A of the extreme double-standard that exists in the NHL's approach to discipline. Alex clearly cuts back with his knee after missing his check with devastating results. But of course, because it's Alex, its all Sergei's fault,'' Barry told TSN.

''It was a extremely negligent hit and if anyone else in this league does the same we all know they will face serious discipline,'' Barry continued. ''Part of being 'great' means playing with respect. He is wreckless and this isn't the first or last time he will get a free pass from the NHL, and the best part is he knows it.''


Now, we know about that hit. But check out another reason the Pens are pissed.
Hockey Night In Canada found of A.O. shooting the puck at Scud's head. Scroll to about the 4:45 mark:
Alex Ovechkin has not been contacted by the NHL and he is not expected to face any disciplinary action.[WashPo]
"I'd be more concerned with Orpik cross checking Semin in the back of the head. Even though the injury didn't take place that was way more vicious."
– Bruce Boudreau
What a jerkoff.


Jump city for some other shit.

:: Ovechkin bumped into Evgeni Malkin's father after the game last night. [Trib]
Mr. Malkin left without suffering a knee injury.

:: NHL.com has an article on all of the Russians in this series.[NHL.com]

:: The Baby Pens also tied up their playoff series last night.
The series, against the Washington Capitals AHL affiliate, the Hersey Bears, is tied at two.[WB]
Another huge game tonight out in the Vancouver.
Series tied at (2-2)
Game preview from [BETUSNEWS.COM]
Blackhawks 2-8 on Saturdays. Vomit.
This is the Caps fan that went on a bizarre Internet tirade last night.
Thankfully he found his way back.
He doesn't say much, but well you see his potentional.
Nothing else to say.
Just a reprint from the recap:
To the brave humans going to Washington tonight
Ladies and Gentlemen … the 83rd Pennsylvania, 44th Jobbers, and 16th Jokes will be moving in to our right. But if you look to your left, you will see that there is no one there. It's because you're the end of the line.
You're all we got. You are the flank. Do you understand?
We are going to have to be stubborn today. So, you put the boys in position, you tell them to stay down. Pile the rocks up high; and say fuck Ovechkin at the top of your lungs, get the best protection you can.
That hill is steep. It's rocky. It's bare. To come straight up it is impossible. No. The Red army is going to swing around. It's gonna come up through that notch right over there. It'll move under the cover of trees, try to get 'round the flank. And ladies and gentlemen… *you* are the flank.
God go with you.
Go Pens.