A couple more game sevens tonight.

7:00 PM/ET

8:00 PM/ET

Obviously, the Carolina/Boston match-up is of great importance to Penguins fans.
The winner of that series will advance to the Eastern Conference Final against the Pens.

Pittburgh went 2-1-1 against Carolina during the regular season.
They would have home ice against the 'Canes.
The Pens were 2-2 against the Bruins.
A series between those two teams would begin in Boston.

Anaheim versus Detroit doesn't immediately impact the Penguins yet, but watching Hossa lose while the Pens advanced would give all us some joy.


China Jack has returned to toast the Pens after their second round victory.
His reenactment of Crosby taking the puck from Ovechkin is the stuff dreams are made out of.

Outstanding work by PSAMP.


"hey pensblog! i attached a couple pictures that we made and enjoyed during game 5, i believe..
the penguins are made from black olives, cream cheese, and carrots. we simply cut a red pepper in the shape of a man and wrote an 8 in the middle to represent ovechkin."


Penguins tickets for the Eastern Conference Finals go on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m.

It was the highest-rated hockey game in FSN history.
It broke the record set by game six, which broke the record set by game five.
The big screen was set up outside for all of those games.

The Penguins and Myxer have posted some Pens ringtones.
There's one of Mike Lange's calls of all of the game seven goals.