Playin’ In A Travelin’ Band. PENS LOSE.

"That save right there might have saved the Penguins' playoff life."
— Bob Errey, paraphrased.
Quotes don't get more big-time than that.
MAF made a big stop with about 12 seconds left to preserve at least a point.
But should the Pens have even been in that position?
Hell yeah, they should have.
Making up a 3-goal deficit with 15 minutes to work with is no joke.
If the Pens were on a "win one, lose one" streak,
we would be pissed that the Pens "can't play 60 minutes."
If ANY sportswriter comes out and grumbles about the Pens not playing 60 minutes,
they shouldn't have a job.
Let's cut them some slack. They've won a few games in a row here.
And that third-period comeback is the calling card of a red-hot hockey team.
The Pens fed off the large contingent of fans in attendance during the third-period comeback, take it to the bank. From the people who traveled to the game to the people who got to make it to their only game of the season because they live out there — sick.

Steigy mentioned it during the broadcast and it so true:
Games like this show what hockey is about.
Home sweet Mellon for eight straight games.
Bring the noise.
























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what a performance

Kevin Nash sets the tone for the game by acting like he got shot.
The Blue Jackets faked more things than Ken Hitchcock's wife all night.
After some idiot shoots the puck over the glass, the Pens powerplay is broken up by the aforementioned high stick.
Kristian Huselius scores his 1000 career goal against the Pens.
Some dude in the stands with a Lemieux jersey stands up and yells at players every time they enter the zone.
Really not a lot going on.
HCMT made it the game.
The HCMT with a ring.
[thanks to Michael N.]
Why is everyone upset with Rihanna for getting back with Chris Brown?
She knows him like the back of his hand.
The Blue Jackets came out owning the Pens.
MAF with a candidate for save of the year:

This was about as far as the recap was going to go.
The 40,000 people who traveled from Pittsburgh were undoubetly sickened by the events.
After the Jackets scored to make it 2-0, Perry Mason was in control.
Just looks to be one of those nights. The refs fix the game some more.
picture 24
It is funny being an NHL fan these days. With the the playoff races so tight in the east and west, all of our time is spent checking games out and shit.
Basically we are out of loop of everything.
Case in point, we had no idea the NCAA Tournament is like next week.
Completely forgot until we turned to ESPN and their was some 6-OT game going on in the Big East tournament.
The whole point of this section is about Pitt. They lost last night. PITT BLATHER
Pitt is winning the National Championship.
Losing to WVU was the best thing to ever happen to them.
Mark it down.
Hopefully Duquense makes the dance, as well, to join Robert Morris.
Could you imagine a Pitt/Duquense or Robert Morris elite 8 game.
The Blue Jackets started the third by seemingly putting the nail in the coffin.
Admit it, you left the Pens for dead.
No reason not to. Perry Mason was unbeatable.
But all of a sudden the Pens flipped the swtiched. And the MVP switched it.
On a big-time rush down the ice, Malkin just goes insane and nearly beats Mason.
In the process of doing this, Malkin gets jobbed into Mason.
Malkin gets a penalty.
For some reason, this woke everyone up.
The Pens killed the penalty, and Malkin came flying out of the box like a man on fire.
He makes a pass to Bing that cannot be described. Some idiot slashes Bing.
The Pens needed some silver. They need some goals.
What would they do to keep themselves from the gallows pole?
Not all streaks ended in Columbus.
Led Zeppelin reference streak currently sits at three posts.
Finally, on their 30th PP of the third period, Gonchar sends one from way downtown.
Kooooooooonitz deflection. 3-1.
We don't touch ourselves when we're right or wrong about something. that's gay.
But we knew the Pens were coming back after that goal. It's an intangible feeling.
Less than two minutes later, the Pens work down deep, force a turnover.
Malkin gets it out to Dupuis on the doorstep. Swish. 3-2.
First goal in 23 games for Dupuis.
Almost felt bad for Columbus fans at that point. But not really.
You had a better chance of seeing Bernie Madoff in line next to you at National City this afternoon than the Penguins not tying the game.
Next time Malkin's on the ice, probably, he does it again.
Bing gets it to him, and he 100% no-looks it to Talbot's tape.
That lady's face on the right is why were put on this earth.
This stunned pic could have its own blog. top 10 all time.
After the game, this guy and his pet ox went and cut down some trees.
oh man
Bottom right
After that, the game was tension city.
Back and forth action with both teams trying to get a point.
Pens fans almost stunned themselves as Peca had the Pens season on his stick with 11.3 left.
MAF gets a piece of it.
OT was all Pens all the time.
The best chance is when Fedotenko stickhandled in a butthole and found Letang sneaking in.
Huge save by Perry Mason.
Such a good OT. But both goalies were out of their minds.
Kunitz hit the post after got tackled in front of the net.
Hopefully the point that post took away doesn't haunt us.
MAF stopped a joke and Kevin Nash.
Perry Mason stopped Letang and Bing.
Kristian Huselius up next for the Blue Jackets.
No doubt he scores.
Malkin up for the Pens.
Tie it or go home…..
no dice.
  • Huge point.
  • 48 shots.
  • Montreal lost in OT.
  • Carolina lost.
  • Florida lost.
  • Jackets should be in the East.
  • wooo
Look who the Pens would play the first round.
#6 vs. #3.
Go Pens.
What's the magic number?
We failed the last time we figured it. IAN had it correct in the comments.
Might be 25 now, if we hold the tiebreaker over Carolina.