Pinpointing Malkin’s Injury

The Perfect Storm will come to a climax tonight.
It's Halloween.
The Pens are playing Columbus.
"Monster Nash" references will be handed out
like, well, free candy.
After the jump is the worst goaltending performance of the decade.
And we also found where Malkin strained his shoulder.
Exclusive information.
On the first goal, Howard is high.
On the second, no clue how a goalie ends up at the faceoff dot.
Somehow, an NHL goalie falls over himself on the third goal.
Then slides way out of position to let Hemsky stamp the net.
We thought Price's breakaway effort against Kunitz was bad.
No clue what Howard was thinking on this fourth goal.
Just totally unprepared.
The best part was after the goals started pouring in,
you could see Howard looking to the bench, waiting to be yanked.
To cap everything off for the defending Cup runners-up,
they've lost Valteri Flippliiuulla to a broken wrist.
Just another built-in excuse for an achieving (not underachieving) team.
We did some sleuth work and found the origin of Geno's shoulder sprain:
This is nothing but good news for the Pens…and for Ovechkin.
He'll probably be able to breeze to the Art Ross now.
Disco is really showing what his balls are made of in this situation.
There's new players on the team left and right.
You've lost your top defenseman and one of your elite forwards.
And you have an away-home back-to-back scenario this weekend.
Conventional thought says start the backup at home.
Disco says suck it.  The adversity starts tonight.
Then again, it may feel like a home game in Columbus.

Here you go, Geno:
Thanks for carrying the Pens.  Get Well.
Like you're reading this.
Quick thought:  Gonchar and Malkin out.
Saving themselves for Mother Russia's chances in the Olympics?
No way.
A Penguin player would never put his country's Olympic hopes before his own team's.
Sorry, beast.  Had to do it.
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