Pensblog Brunch: Procedures

Wednesday is the day when you find out if that joke who was all about the Pens in June is even a Pens fan.  A casual "Hey, the Pens won last night" to the friend is the test.  You either got a "Kunitz, baby," or a "The season started already?"
That's when you apply the Million Dollar Dream on the friend.
And he's not a friend anymore.
After the jump, we job.
And there's national-anthem/game-pic procedures.
The Gonchar knee injury from the Caps series?
Yeah, that's a legitimate concern.
The Crosby knee injury when Franzen interfered with him in Game 7?
People are asking about that?
No clue why, but we've never found Bleacher Report Pens stuff relevant to society.
And we're there every day.
One of their new articles caught our attention.
Maybe the fact that the article looks like it was made on a word processor from the '80s pissed us off.
But it's just a bizarre article throughout.

Malkin was voted playoff MVP, but the award could have gone to Crosby. Will their egos clash?


With Crosby and Malkin, do the Pens have any problems?
Potentially, yes.

Uh-oh.  The Pens potentially have problems.  Stop being a fan.
And what are these problems? Well…
Defensemen Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill have left the team as free agents.
Petr Sykora has yet to re-sign.
Jay McKee and Alex Goligoski will want more ice time.
Eric Tangradi, the rookie, hurt his hand during an OHL playoff game with the Belleville Bulls last season.
Another rookie, Andy Bathgate, the grandson of the original Penguin of the same name, had shoulder problems last season, playing with the Belleville Bulls.
Max Talbot is out with a shoulder injury.

After our love affair with Scoods, it would be dumb to turn around and say his departure won't affect the team.
It will.  But not enough to stop this team from giving opponents the business.
Hal Gill essentially traded for Jay McKee.  Sold.
Eric Tangradi hurt his hand, so that means the Pens dynasty is in trouble.
News flash.  Sykora played in like two games during the playoffs.
The Pens won the Cup during those playoffs.
We should start calling departures like Sykora's as Recchi-itis.
You still have the hands, but maybe not the speed to keep up with the young Pens.
Which brings us to Bill Guerin, that tough son of a bitch.
He kind of disappeared in the Finals.  Let's face the facts.
He hit the post in Game 1 or 2 or something.
If Guerin is the consummate professional like we all think he is,
he knows what his legs are in for this upcoming season.
Time will tell there.
In final, we're glad we run a blog and try to keep shit optimistic.  Too many people want to be condescending and think they're pointing out depressing shit that no other fan knows about.  We all know what the deal is.  We just ignore it 'cause we're enjoying what's going on now.
Our work schedules in the real world will be bringing some changes to the site.
Recaps will be posted around 9:00-9:30am the morning after a game.
Send in your shit by 8:00.  Game.