Pensblog Brunch: Farewell

Only three players have scored 20 goals per season for the last 10 seasons.
Jarome Iginla
Jason Arnott
Petr Sykora.
You're doin' it, Petr, but for the Minnesota Wild now.
During the '07-'08 dream run, Sykora stepped up in the absence of Bing.
The Malone-Malkin-Sykora line was the only reason the Pens didn't move to Hamilton probably.
And then, this past year, he turned into a kid again when he netted his first career HT.

As much as you feel like jobbing female Pens fan, this girl knew what she was looking for.
And when the Pens release their next "10 Greatest Games" Box Set,
Petr Sykora will be planted firmly on the cover of one of those DVDs.

Still get goosebumps watching that shit.
Farewell, Petr Sykora.  And we thank you.